Acquainted Walkthrough & Guide

Author: Nerd Guy
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Walkthrough & Guide PDF for Chapter 1 [Version-0.1.0]

This is the Acquainted walkthrough up to the end of current chapter 1.

This walkthrough  will be modified after release of each additional chapters.

How to use:

  • Hints are written in [Blue]
  • Relationship points gained per character are written in [Green]
  • Relationship points lost per character are written in [Red]
  • Choices that give Vanilla and Corruption points are in [Purple]
  • Variables which affect dialogues, game events are in [Yellow]
  • Relationship paths are written in [Pink]
  • Dialogues is in quotation marks “ ”
  • Choices with variables attached is marked as {Important}

PDF Author – Nerd Guy

How To Download

Drive link is give below, just go and download from there

Incase you face any problem like, link not working or something.

Just leave a comment and I will try to fix it.

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