The Witches’ Coven Update Is Now Free for Everyone

The Witches’ Coven update is now available in the free edition of Succubus Stories.

This update introduces a bunch of new side content! While no new story content was added in this update, the volume of side content added should (I hope) make up for it! Included are four new requests, four new activities, several new events, and even a brand new encounter type! Dedicated activities for group sex content (in both lesbian and heterosexual varieties, with a bisexual/mixed activity coming soon) are among the newly added activities, along with a new “potion bounty” system!

Also included in this update are two frequently requested quality-of-life improvements: request tracking in the game log and built-in tips on suggested activities to unlock new perks. There are also new event variations, new artwork (including portraits for Priscilla), new perks and traits, and more!

Also included is a new patch, which fixes some issues and makes some refinements.

You can read the release notes for v0.5.0 and the update preview of the Witches’ Coven update on the Patreon page. You can see the state of the game, including its current metrics, in the 2020 year-in-review post.

A complete changelog, along with a few hints, can be found here. The entry for the v0.5.0 update is here.

If you have problems, questions, concerns, or bug reports, you can comment here on Itch or reach out to me on Patreon. You can also open a new issue on the issue tracker, or join the game’s discord server and chat with me there.

Thanks for playing.

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