The Honest Work Update Is Now Free for Everyone

The Honest Work update is now available in the free edition of Succubus Stories.

This update adds a bunch of new ways to make and spend money. You can work for Roland at the tavern as a barmaid, train to be a servant in uptown and work as a maid, and hire your own servants to go on expeditions to collect ingredients for you. Also added is a new potion to induce lactation in both the player and female NPCs, and a bunch of new lactation-related erotic content. Also included is new story content and requests, new events and activities, and new character progression, potions, abilities, and more. This update adds more than 25,000 words, bringing the game’s total word count to over 90,000!

After successfully aiding the noblewoman Carol Baskin and reuniting her with her beau, Gray, the protagonist finally has the chance to get the aid she needs from the guards to get her revenge. But before she can convince anyone to help her, she’ll need to come to terms with just what happened in the past that brought her to the city for revenge.

The update completes chapter 1. Also included are a new area, new requests, new potions, new events, new character progression, and more!

Also included is a new patch, which adds even more new content, as well as smoothing out some issues and making editorial changes.

You can read the release notes for v0.3.0 and the update preview of the Honest Work update on the Patreon page. You can see the state of the game, including its current metrics, here.

A complete changelog, along with a few hints, can be found here. The entry for the v0.3.0 update is here.

If you have problems, questions, concerns, or bug reports, you can comment over on Itch or reach out to me on Patreon. You can also open a new issue on the issue tracker, or join the game’s discord server and chat with me there.

Thanks for playing.

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