TameIt! 0.6.2

Over the past week, thanks to your reports, we have fixed several bugs in the game that we would not like to postpone until the next major release.
Therefore, it was decided to publish version 0.6.2 for all, along with the early Android release for patrons. Saves of this version are compatible with 0.6.1 and 0.6.0, but there is no new content in it, so it makes sense to download it only if you encountered bugs in previous versions of the game.

Windows & Linux: https://manka.games/download/tameit/pc/0.6.2
MacOS: https://manka.games/download/tameit/mac/0.6.2


  • Fix Inventory lock (thx Malleee, arjunazuluna)
  • Fix hidden mouse pointer in some cases (thx dark5ide)
  • Fix twice catch-n-freeze in the fishing minigame
  • Disabled common tasks stay visible on the location
  • Swapped music and sound button images
  • Fixed try to eat inedible things
  • Fix that craft screen hides on progress
  • Refactored task reports text
  • Change say type in prologue outro
  • Fix torch description
  • Add fuel to the chapter 4 hints
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