Tame It! on Steam

Dear friends, we have some wonderful news for you: we’ve passed the second stage of moderation, and now the Steam page of Tame It! has been finally published! That’s quite a huge deal for our team! 

It would be so great if as many of you added Tame It! to the Wishlist as possible because it will be quite important for us on the release stage. It’s pretty simple — follow the link and click the “Add to Wishlist” button. (If the link doesn’t open, you should enable adult content in your Steam store preferences). We’d also love to hear your opinion on the page and its design. Share any thoughts on how would you improve it and what could we add there?  

Within the team, we have also discussed and decided that a free Steam key of Tame It! would be a great way to thank our patrons for their support.

That’s what’s gonna be: 

1. All our active $2 patrons who will subscribe 6 months before the release or more will receive a Steam key.

2. All the active $5+ patrons will receive a key at the time of release.

3. All the $10+ patrons in addition to the key will also receive a free game soundtrack on Steam.

We have also decided to add a new Patreon tier — $20 — patrons of this tier will have an opportunity to offer their own achievement for the game (we will discuss all ins and outs individually). On top of that — they’ll get a personal role on our Discord server and a portrait emoji similar to ones made for the game characters (we will need a picture of you or another desired image).  

The number of unique achievements is limited!

We are planning to release Tame It! in the first quarter of 2022. However, the exact date will be announced later. Stay tuned to keep up with the latest news and join the ranks of our patrons to get the full version of the game among the first.  

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