Tame It! 0.9.0

Hello, everyone!

We’re happy to reveal the new Tame It! chapter and can’t wait for you to play it!

In this chapter, Lee will be free to get inside the plane and explore it. What’s more, he will be able to advance in his search for Tonya and get some new leads to her location. Meanwhile, strange things continue to occur on the lake, and there’s only one way for Lee and Cat to find out what kind of creature lives there. 

The new location is waiting for you, with the new tasks, loot, and most importantly — the new character in all its glory!

Meanwhile we continue to work hard on the new chapter. We’ve been drawing scenes, writing dialogues, working on the code, making edits and additions to the previous chapters. We also had a meeting with our soundman last week to discuss and figure out what sounds we would need for the new chapter. 

A little sneak peek at the upcoming chapter — there’s gonna be a new interesting minigame with a mechanic you haven’t seen in the game before. Furthermore, there will be a hot peeping scene with the new girl. You will be finally able to get to know our new character and find out where she lives and what she does, and of course, try to tame her. 

Enjoy the game! 

As usual, we will be grateful for any bug reports that you come across during the game, as well as your suggestions for improving the content.


  • Story continuation
  • New items and gifts
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.2+
  • Add exit to main menu button on Android
  • Fix Cat tasks reporting (thx DamnedFrog)
  • Made plane grapple task messages less misleading in the 6th chapter
  • Add small question mark to opened but yet to be learned words in the dialogue window
  • Add Alt+Shift+P hotkey to show current progress value (for debug purposes)
  • Add help screen to the second teaching minigame
  • Add new favor
  • Update several sounds in prologue
  • Change save/load icons to be more distinguishable
  • Some improvements in gifting. Cat won’t decline seaweed. Lee can now eat lake fish
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