Tame It! 0.8.1

Greetings, friends!
We are happy to show you the new chapter of Tame It!

What awaits you in this chapter:
Something strange is happening on the lake, a worried Cat is trying to draw your attention to it. At the same time, you can’t stop thinking about the recently discovered plane and Tonya, who might have survived the crash. You need to somehow get into the plane and examine it thoroughly. But how can this be done?

Overall, the chapter turned out to be small in terms of the amount of new content, but important for the story and the development of the relationship with Cat. Also, in addition to the story content, a lot of edits were made (just look at the current changelog!).

For everyone who has been struggling with the emoji style narrative, we are pleased to announce that today we have released a preview of the English version for our patrons. If their feedback would be positive, we will continue to work on English version to add the texts to the main game version as an alternative translation soon.

We tried to fix the animation timings issue on Android, and we need to get your feedback because the number of devices that we could use for testing is limited. Let us remind you that the problem was that some players using the Android version had a lot of lag in fishing and training Cat. This should be better now.

Some changes have been made in hunting: now, with a good relationship with you, the Cat will help you hunt. Along with this, we’ve made hunting a little easier for normal and easy difficulty levels.

Speaking of difficulty levels: we’ve made life a little easier for players who prefer to play at the maximum difficulty level and now playing on it should not be completely unbearable.
In the dialogue box, you can finally unlock the last tab, which can be used to ask Cat for… something. Check it out yourself 😉 Over time, there will be more actions available in this tab.
We continue to work on the compatibility of saves from previous versions of the game. Thus, the saves from versions 0.6.* and 0.7.* should be compatible with version 0.8.1.

Among other things, in this version we’ve added an alternative teaching mini-game for a Cat, l2d animations into peeping games in chapters 3 and 4, and also enabled l2d animations on Android.

You may need to remove the old Android version before installing the new one. Don’t forget to make a backup of your saves! You could find them here: Android/data/games.manka.tameit/files/saves



  • Add additional quest to chapter 7
  • Add L2D version of the peeping scenes in chapters 3 and 4
  • Update Renpy to version 7.4.6
  • Enabled L2D animations on the Android
  • Add alternative cat teaching minigame
  • Add preference to disable l2d as it works badly on some older phones
  • Fix possible breakings of the game plot in chapter 7 (thx Mank, kyon9394)
  • Fix lost sentences in the dialogue window (thx fortuna95, Torchwood)
  • Increase the chance of success fishing in chapter 6 on every try


  • Story continuation
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.2 and 0.7.1
  • Add experimental option for the hardware mouse pointer. It may help if you have problems with the mouse pointer in the full screen mode
  • New music: island, prologue plane crash
  • Add new words in the dialogue
  • Enable the “Favors” tab in the dialogue window
  • New items
  • Cat may help you with the hunting minigame if you have good relationships
  • Reduced chicks & crabs hearing distance on normal and easy difficulty
  • Add different fireflies animations
  • Add a point of interest on the plane in chapter 6 (skippable)
  • Show unknown words marker in the dialogue window
  • Add protection from loading new saves in old versions of the game
  • Refactored animation timings in minigames. Android build should work faster now (MacOS too)
  • Move bobber to the end of the line to reduce cases of confusion about point of impact
  • Add notification about daily autosave
  • Add autosave before chapter end scene
  • Add quit button to some minigames
  • Add help screens to the fishing, hunting and additional help screen to the taming minigame
  • Fix task info window (5 requirements) (thx Deckmaster)
  • Fix saves compatibility errors (thx Satadoros)
  • Fix bridge construction in the next chapters (thx WillTellU)
  • Reversed task/crafting numbers in requirements, tell us what you think
  • Fix SOS location jumps to chapter 5 (thx NerdWithGuns)
  • Fix tasks result rounding on hard difficulty (thx tttt00006)
  • Fix typo in saved sentence “cat + gift” (thx drhotrod)
  • Improved saves compatibility (thx Halfsweat)
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