Tame It! 0.7.1

Greetings, friends!
We are happy to present you a new chapter of Tame It!

What awaits you in this chapter:
Your hut has been destroyed by a storm and needs to be repaired. The Cat is hanging around you all the time, you’ll have a lot of communication and interaction with her because now she will live next to you. Thunderstorm opened a passage to several new locations. Exploring them will advance the plot and leave new questions to be answered in the future.

Improvements have been made in other chapters of the game, we made Live2D versions of the first level of Tonya’s berries scene and steering game at the end of the prologue. There is still room for improvement but it’s a major step forward for the quality of the old scenes. We plan to continue these animation upgrades further.

We constantly working on the music and sounds, and there were some location and item sounds updated in this version. We also added a few sounds to the progress of several tasks and plan to add more.

Saves from version 0.6.* should be compatible with the current one and we hope to maintain compatibility until the final release.

Enjoy the game!
As usual, we will be grateful for any bug reports that you come across during the game, as well as your suggestions for improving the content.


  • Add L2d version of Tonya’s first level of the intoxicated scene
  • Some windows are more opaque now
  • Slowed shadow movement in the lake
  • Improved game reset logic on chapter select
  • Add L2d version of plane steering game
  • Hunting and fishing minigames respect difficulty preferences
  • Add random Cat appearances on some locations
  • Update lake bg and plane wreck sounds
  • Add sounds to several tasks (building, stone and leaves foraging)
  • Fix learning multi-click exploit (thx Dantastic)
  • Fix saves compatibility errors (thx fortuna95, Dantastic)


  • Story continuation
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.*
  • Lowered requirements for some buildings
  • Improved mobile UI for the fishing game
  • Fix hunt events flickering on click
  • Fix “global name ‘name’ is not defined” crash (thx Trashmeat, Vyzion)
  • Tasks slightly rebalanced
  • New music
  • New items and crafting receipts
  • Add gift system
  • Enabled tasks dialogue tab
  • New dialogue words and phrases
  • Lee states now may be combined
  • Show visually when Lee is hurt
  • Reduce count of Cat sleep games in chapter 5
  • Fixed coconut freeze in the tutorial (thx Scuba-steve12)
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