Tame It! 0.6.1


We’ve just released the 0.6.1 version of the Tame It! to the public!

Lee is trapped inside the bungalow with the Cat by the storm and that allows him to get to know her a little closer. And it pushed us to work on one of the key features of the future communications with the girls — the dialogue system.

We plan to add many words and phrases to it, as small talk so some tasks and compliments and there will be some easter eggs, there are already some fun answers and others will be unlocked as relations with the girls will improve.

If you have some ideas about cool questions/answers for Lee and Cat dialogue, they may get into the game. Just write them on our Discord server and we’ll discuss it!

You may find free download links on our Patreon page



  • The game now autosaves each day
  • Fixed “game over” screen bug (thx Chiller Cheemstar Lets)
  • Cat feeding interface added
  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Firefly collectables added
  • Fix chapter end progression
  • Added custom cursors to sleep minigames
  • New and fixed sounds
  • New night music


  • Story continuation
  • Learning minigame
  • Cat sleep game
  • Emoji dialogue system
  • UI and items max count fixes (thx fortuna95)
  • Search and taming games merged
  • Improved hunting internal timer state (no more premature ending)
  • Added new hints to chapter 4
  • Lee’s food balance changed so he should be fed more often. We hope he’ll eat every day at the end of all balance changes as it’ll be healthy for him. Food is also becoming more nutritious
  • Ren’py engine updated to 7.4.3, minimum Windows is now Vista, but antiviruses should be less suspicious about game executables
  • Items in inventory are now ordered
  • Luck implemented
  • SOS may be completed
  • Home location animated
  • Changed food part in chapter1 tutorial from bananas to coconuts
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