Tame It! 0.5.1

Today Tame It! 0.5.1 become public!

Somebody may think that 0.5.1 means that this is half of the game, but no, there are 15 chapters in the original plot so we are around 30% by now. But we’ll see, we may decide to merge some chapters together or add some additional content by patrons opinion.

Let’s return to the chapter. While Lee and Cat become aware of each other, their relations are slowly built by your hands. Meanwhile, there are some hints from the weather for future problems, so Lee must have some precautions.

Old saves are not compatible with the new version yet. Save compatibility restricts us with changes to the codebase and requires much time to achieve. And we prefer to spend this time on new content for you instead. But when all major features will be implemented in the game, we’ll get serious about saves.

Work on the 0.6.0 is going at full speed. And we expect some quality changes for the current content as well as the new one.

You may find free download links on our Patreon page


  • Fixed collision check in fishing
  • Some text improvements
  • UI fixes
  • Fix location trapping after task completion (thx Trashmeat)
  • Fix progression bug (thx Vamp4re, mandor1784)


  • Story continuation
  • Weather effects
  • New torch mechanics
  • UI transitions were slightly decreased
  • New voyeur scene/minigame
  • Search minigame
  • Taming minigame
  • New bungalow and bridge buildings
  • New locations
  • New resources for the story and survival
  • Added mouse wheel and drag to scroll inventory UI
  • Info windows are modal now
  • Small balance changes and other bug fixes
  • New bugs so there will be what to fix later
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