Tame It! 0.10.1

Hi everyone!

Today we have a great date — exactly a year ago the first build of Tame It! was released!  🎉😃 A lot of work has been done during this year and we managed to finish 2/3 of the game storyline, but there’s still a lot of interesting things ahead. And today we want to please you with the new public version of the game. Thank you for staying with us and continuing to play Tame It!

What awaits you in this chapter:

Lee’s adventures continue. Now that a new hottie has appeared on his horizon, he can’t stop thinking about her, of course Cat doesn’t like this at all. And when Lee gets a chance to get to know Octa better, Cat becomes even more jealous. You’ll find out where all this will lead and how Lee will cope with the situation in this chapter.

Along with the story progression, much work was done on the game itself.
We added English tooltips for UI, it may be turned on in the preferences and disabled by default. Octa’s image was adjusted by the results of patron’s voting and one suggested feature was implemented, her color will change by her mood. Cat, on the other hand, will eat less food but lose her attitude to you if not fed properly. To help track her hunger level we changed the report style of the corresponding question in the dialogue window.

Enjoy the game!

As usual, we will be grateful for any bug reports that you come across during the game, as well as your suggestions for improving the content.

At the end of this week our patrons will receive an updated English version with the freshly translated Chapters 4 and 5. Speaking of chapters — they came out rather big in terms of text this time, especially Сhapter 4. So, if you find some time to check these out, who knows, maybe you will get a completely different picture of what’s going on in there, especially the construction episode.

And now one more announcement:
You’ve probably noticed by now that public releases have become less frequent. As we mentioned above — the last third of the game is left, and we’ve deliberately decided to increase the interval between public releases of chapters, most likely there will be no public releases at all when the development gets to the final stage. The reason for this is that we’re going to release Tame It! on Steam and it’s our chance to recoup the development of the game and get the opportunity to continue it, as well as the implementation of other ideas, since it didn’t work out on Patreon. Therefore, we ask you to be understanding and support us on this difficult but interesting path.

We would like to remind you that all of our patrons starting at $2 (who will subscribe 6 months before the release or more) will receive a Steam key.

Stay tuned!



  • Fix saves compatibility issues. The next version will be based on 0.10.1
  • Improve tooltips logic
  • Fix Octa size in some scenes
  • Fix UI unresponsiveness in some locations


  • Story continuation
  • 2 new minigames and a new voyeur
  • New location (Octa’s lair)
  • New food recipes
  • Add difficulty level selector at the start of chapter 1
  • Add tooltips to UI and inventory. Disabled by default, can be enabled in the Settings menu
  • Lower character relation level when she is starving
  • Lower Lee’s thirst on rainy days
  • New words/phrases in the dialogue window
  • Change health/feed/love report style in the dialogue
  • Change Octa color based on patron votes. Octa change her color according to her mood
  • Cat should eat less on normal and easy difficulties
  • Cat should not bite in the night if relations are high
  • Add Steam achievements support
  • Add hint to the lake fishing about no prizes when skipping the game
  • Add sounds for several tasks and crafting recipes
  • Fix bottle stealing bug (thx Kirito2453)
  • Fix in bait minigame (thx Satadoros)
  • Add additional checks for bait minigame stability
  • Add additional hints for jaguar and plane door
  • Small fixes in the dialogue window (thx Muggle)
  • Change of the chapter now counts as the day advance (thx Fluffy)
  • Mobile performance changes. The game should use fewer resources and battery
  • Reworked SOS location code (if you saved on it in the previous version you may have trouble loading your game)
  • Many small fixes and improvements
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