Tales From The Unending Void v0.8

A shiny new release. New story content, over twenty new animations made by Alorth and a couple of fixes under the hood. Grubb also provided an updated translation, so you can enjoy the entire game in Portuguese.

A big thanks to Alorth, HoboCop86, Razielprince, Fhilb, marcurion  and Grubb for testing and proofreading.

Known Issues
When playing the game from the start there’s one instance where you might encounter an error about man_portrait not being defined. If you disable the character portraits temporarily in the game’s settings you should be able to continue.


– Add Episode 8
– Update Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Update Polish translation (thanks to Freeman)
– Update Italian translation (thanks to Frank Rosario)
– Update Ren’Py to
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Norse, SoloG1983, Holy_Bacchus, Bartimayus, Foobar and rphoenix42)
– Fix codex filters shifting on initial load
– Fix side portrait images (thanks to RogueRat and Rick)
– ep007: Fix choices display during Cetruvar search on Android devices


I create adult visual novels, with the help of a couple of awesome volunteers who test and proofread my work. My projects include Sisterly Lust (completed) and Tales From The Unending Void (in development). Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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