Tales From The Unending Void v0.6

Episode 6. New story of course, which I hope you’ll enjoy, but also the Twi’ll rework I announced a few months ago.

Alorth was on animation duty again and he made some hot and sensual stuff as always.

A big thanks to Alorth, Dreamweaver, HoboCop86, Fhilb, marcurion and ThunderRob for testing and proofreading. I’d like to thank MyPrettyWolfy (Russian), FreeMan (Polish) and Frank Rosario (Italian) for their ongoing translation efforts as well.


  • Add Episode 6
  • Change appearance of Jade and other Twi’ll
  • Add support for dialogue portraits (side images), disabled by default (thanks to monksims)
  • Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Doc Strail, MyPrettyWolfy, Fhilb)
  • Fix lots of blinks and small images issues, because Hobo got himself a 4K monitor (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • ep005: Add alternative to Lilly dialogue (thanks to overtaker40)
  • ep005: Add extra Iana and Sill animation
  • ep004: Pull pin from grenade (thanks to Dreadder)
  • extras: Use protagonist’s full name in two sex scenes (thanks to Spawn420)
  • extras: Correctly address Lyna’s pregnancy (thanks to Draevis)


I create adult visual novels, with the help of a couple of awesome volunteers who test and proofread my work. My projects include Sisterly Lust (completed) and Tales From The Unending Void (in development). Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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