Tales From The Unending Void v0.2

Episode 2 of Tales! Very excited to be sharing this with you. A lot is going on in this episode and there are also some lewd times to be had.

Alorth outdid himself this time and there are 14 of his animations included in the game, including a couple in the extra scenes.

A big thanks to Alorth, HoboCop86, Rob Johnson, ThunderRob, Dreamweaver, RavenDarklock and Razielprince for testing and proofreading.


  • Add Episode 2
  • ep001: Fix various renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • ep001: Spelling and grammar corrections (thanks to Pheline)
  • ep001: Fix mention of incorrect rank (thanks to 0blivion)


I create adult visual novels, with the help of a couple of awesome volunteers who test and proofread my work. My projects include Sisterly Lust (completed) and Tales From The Unending Void (in development). Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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