Succubus Tales – Chapter 2: The Relic — V 0.7 – Public Release!

The first and Most important change:
– The game has been ported from “RPG Maker VX Ace” to “RPG Maker MV“!
– So, MV HAS an option to port games for Android, but it doesn’t really work…yeah… (-.-)’
Damn you Kadokawa!
But luckily I found an Ultra-detailed guide on how to do it properly, using Android Studio.
I wanted to port the game for Mac too, but after checking rpgmaker forum, it seems like the only way to do it is to make the game directly from a Mac, because Windows doesn’t really know how to handle mac’s files;
so for obvious reason, I just can’t do it, sorry.
– So the game is now available for Both Windows and Android!

Now to the game!
– The first noticeable change is the aspect size! Vx Ace run on a 4/3 aspect ratio, but here I opted for a 16/9, increasing the size to 1280×720!
– Reworked the main menu screen, it’s now Animated!
– I’ve remade and visually improved a total of 48 maps!
I’ve tried to make the general view more…”appealing”, by creating better buildings, adding a couple of details here and there and such;
– I’ve re-coded ingame All the previous events, that’s around 40 events + variation!
I had to edit some of the old images to better fit the new window’s size.
– For the characters’ sprites, for most of them, I’ve just scaled them up (MV uses a different size ratio than Vx Ace), but where the result wasn’t much good, I’ve remade them directly in MV.

New Events:
– First new event – with Mia, the barmaid (and Risa) – 18 images!
– Second new event – with Emily and Nicci, it’s a repeatable event (After emily is fully corrupted) – 25 images!
– Third new event – with Juliette, the innkeeper – 22 images!
– Kristy – New outfit!

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