Stargasmia 0.1.b

This is a small update. It adds Mouse Movement Controls, including Running and interaction with all objects, and fixes a few bugs found in the initial release. You can now play Stargasmia with one hand!


  • After the Pilots scene, you can now decide whether to go straight to the transport or finish doing  stuff in the ship.
  • Francesco now gives you a clue on how you should proceed if you don’t know what to do after the Pilots dialogue.
  • Some lines in Eddie’s scene and in The Elevator scene were attributed to the wrong character. Fixed.

Mouse Controls

  • Added [Mouse Movement],
  • You can now [Run] with the [Middle Mouse Button.]
  • You can now [Skip Text] with the [Mouse Middle Button]
  • Small changes to mouse input during [Dialogue Options]. Now, the game only registers the mouse click when the mouse is hovering the options. This is to prevent players from accidentally selecting the default answer. Previously, you could press the mouse action button anywhere on screen to confirm the option. However, as the first option was selected by default this lead players to unintendedly select that choice and move forward. *Suggested by Quonix
  • Most [Inspect] events weren’t      interactable with the [Mouse Action Button]. It has been fixed.
  • Fixed several issues associated with Mouse click on [Char Menu], including issues with remapping buttons, hovering, entering options and exiting the menu.
  • You can now interact with the Elevator using [Mouse Action Button].


  • Muting and adjusting the volume of BGM tracks should work correctly now.
  • The audio framework was completely redone… this means, it’s going to be less bug prone in the future. However, minor issues might pop up in the short term.

Shoot’em’Up Missions

  • Shoot’em’Up Missions should work correctly across all resolutions.
  • The USN Badge during the  Shoot’em’up Mission is now transparent, to offer less distraction to the player.
  • You can now Mouse-click on the USN Badge to open the Shoot’em’Up options menu.
  • Selecting “Exit Simulator” in the Menu now spawns you correctly at the side of the Captain’s chair (previously spawned you at the door).


  • Running: when trying to run right after entering a room, the after images are now drawn at the correct position.
  • Eddie’s animation now loops correctly.
  • Fixed the drawing order of the badge in CQ.
  • Fixed minor issues in Captain Quarters and Deck 1.
  • Fixed minor issues in some renders.


  • Some options like Sound and Resolution weren’t being saved and loaded correctly. They are now.
  • Fixed an issue where opening Credits during Gameplay would freeze the Menu.
  • Mouse controls now change immediately after you toggle the Invert option in the Settings.

Important: Compatibility Notes, for those coming from 0.1!

  • If you talked to Francesco previously, he will repeat his first dialogue before his second dialogue appears.
  • I suggest deleting the _config.ini file in %appdata%, as it might interfere with changes made to this version.
  • The game will start in a lower resolution if you didn’t change the resolution option, in a previous playthrough.

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