Shadows Over Solomon Falls 0.3 is out!

Change Log:

Version 0.3

The word count is now over 238,000 words!

New content:

Go to the pub and have drinks with various residents of Solomon Falls! (only available during the week, not during weekend content!)

Experience the aftermath of last update’s big events!

Discover more of the history of Solomon Falls and your place in it!

Three potential sex scenes depending on your choices in this and prior updates! (Technically, there are 6 different sex scenes but a player can only get three depending on choices as some are mutually exclusive.)

Several new locations added to the game!

New interactions with the vampires!

Several new locations added to the game!

A potential romantic moment with Eric should players make the right choice!


 Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where you’d get an error if you tried to leave the library without asking any questions after your first visit.

Fixed some missing links if you go to slap Sean but miss during a meal at the B&B.

Fixed an issue with the undercover makeup ui picture

Various typos fixed

Fixed a bug if you run from Carlo when first meeting him then return later.

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