Randel Tales 1.1.3 is now out!

After about a year and a half without any major new story content we’re finally here with a whole two new routes for a previously seen character:  Zenelith!

This content includes a total of 8 brand new h-scenes, 21k words of new content, some redrawn art in the introductory portion of the game, and new, better-looking social buttons as well as a “Click Me” button in the main menu with notes regarding the update.

Also, we now have an updated walkthrough!

Full Changelog
(Includes every change since the last public update)

Beta 1.1.3 Changelog

-Added the two Zenelith routes!
-Added a “Click Me” button to the main menu that brings up some update notes.
-Added the names of the Diamond-tier patrons to the game. (You can find them in Gabe’s dialogue if the playful trait is chosen and in Milly’s dialogue when asking about elf history.)
-Added a “Continue” and “Restart” buttons to the main menu.
-Added more variety to Chapter 1 ending dialogue.
-Added an entry to the Book of Monster. Working on the two remaining monsters with no entries.
-Added the ability to leave Uncle Pete’s shack after having entered it without talking to him.

-Changed the color of the version name in the main menu.
-Changed the way the MC’s name value is stored. This will cause problems with old save files if you don’t use the “Change Name” function at home first.
-Changed the look of the social buttons. -Changed the sound for Rin’s splashscreen.
-Changed some of Scarlet’s dialogue during related to the Elf Village quest.
-Changed the remaining mentions of “Merdenese” to “Astyllian”

-Fixed more “suprisedblushmc” instances.
-Fixed level up message when going to the guild for the first time.
-Fixed boars not giving money after reaching bronze rank.
-Fixed “Main Menu” button in the game over screen not working as intended.
-Fixed most timers not working when not sleeping at home.
-Fixed bug where most of the scenes dialogue would be skipped if cheap wine is bought.
-Fixed Nationmaker’s name in the credits.
-Fixed mismatch between needed exp to level up shown in the journal and actual requirements.
-Fixed bug where you’d get no xp if you didn’t take the diamond in the mine quest.
-Fixed some notifies being of the wrong color.
-Fixed some minor grammar and spelling.
-Fixed a mispelt tag in Thea’s storyline.
-Fixed minor visual bug with the journal icon.
-Fixed most “End of Day X” not being white as they should’ve.
-Fixed the bug with the permanent blank text box after Triss’ quest.

-Improved the Book of Monsters search functionality.

-Minor improvements to the introduction, the Way of the Voyeur quest, the Mine Quest, the Brozne Part, and Triss Quest.

-Redrew two of the MC’s wake up images.

-Removed non-full pics from the gallery.
-Removed unused placeholder spots appearing in the gallery.

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