Public Update 0.0.310

Fixed Iron Abbey events that were not working properly and I also noticed that skill/curse/blessing scrolls were not always adding them to the player abilities so I fixed those.

[5:48 PM]Also found a few more shaders that were broken so I took care of them.

[5:50 PM]Added a new cast bar for rune abilities after repeatedly misclicking and sending myself to the safe haven by accident. now you have to hold the middle mouse button down for a few seconds to cast the teleport.

[5:50 PM]Reorganized notifications a bit, got tired of the golden box notices showing up and hiding the active combat ally

[5:53 PM]Added boss loot watchers to the boss rooms. These will check, when you enter the room, if you have all of the unique loot from that specific boss. If not then the item/skill/whatever will appear so you can grab it. This will help if say you kill a boss and the game gets closed for whatever reason, the boss will have been marked as defeated and the loot could have been lost, not any more.

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