Naughty Lyanna v0.13a

Hey, guys,

I bring to you the awaited release of Naughty Lyanna v0.13a. My biggest and most naughty update so far.

I managed to reduce the size of the game drastically, without loss of quality (except for the XL Version, which remains insanely giant). With that, this time I still won’t be able to release the update patch for other versions, as I messed with all the images in the game.

In this update, you’ll have an optional path, for anyone who wants to see Lyanna in action with a guy. And, please, check all the dialogue options to choose the one you like the most, as they will represent changes in future scenes.

I really hope you like this update and that it can cheer you up a bit in these difficult quarantine times.



The school trip continues. Lyanna, after drinking too much, is rescued by Mia. Later, the girls will attend a party that will trigger new and daring night adventures at the Hotel.


  • 808 new renders (We have 6164 renders now);
  • 16 New animated scenes;
  • Lossless image size optimization, which allowed me to reduce the size of the main version of the game by 75%
  • Integration of the game with Lyanna’s Instagram (Follow her);
  • New extra content on my website;
  • New extra content on my Discord channel
  • Full proofing, spelling corrections, script corrections, etc.

For compressed versions of the game, extra content, wallpapers and more, check my website:

Game Preview 01
Game Preview 02

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