Fantasy Dating Day 3 Released

The first date has arrived! Players can take MC on her first foray into Integro to get a glimpse of life in this unique city. A weird and amazing evening awaits. Of course, the night really kicks off when there are less clothes in the way. The first part of Day 3’s erotic scene features some new kinks to dip your toes into.

For those who want more, don’t you fret because the Day 3 Sexpansion update will be forthcoming to add more renders, more kinks, and an alternate genitalia option to this erotic scene.

Day 3 Changelog:

  • Added 161 renders for the first date.
  • The first part of the erotic scene is over 60 renders if you play through all available paths.
  • Added music to relevant points of most scenes.
  • Re-added “Save Here” message before variable check.
  • Added Dev Notes flag to show both oral finishers for morning of day 3.
  • Appended the following options to the Preferences menu: Dialogue Opacity Box, Text Color, and Text Styling.
  • Corrected some spelling and grammar.
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