Euryale’s Gambit 0.8

In EG 0.8, Euryale makes final preparations before heading west to San Francisco and ultimately China.  There’s lots of dialog in this update as Euryale essentially says goodbye to the party that will stay at the Townsville camp.  She won’t see them again for several months.  Euryale also has an important conversation with Spoons where he comes clean about who Euryale really is.

Euryale’s Gambit 0.8 Features:

  • 5 new scenes
  • Extended prologue/intro
  • Added Ashmedai encounter bad ending
  • 3 new achievement
  • Minor dialog fixes/changes to Spoons betrayal scene
  • Restored plantation raid bad end scene

New Achievements:

  • “Bad Guesser” – prologue
  • “Succubus Fodder” – Ashmedai Encounter
  • “Grounded Goddess” – First plantation raid
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