Euryale’s Gambit 0.6

In EG 0.6 Igret works behind the scenes to sew the seeds of war.  She sends Ashmedai to ensure Euryale stops her quest.  Euryale awakens after a long recovery slumber.  She starts going on raids again and encounters a distraught woman who had killed the plantation owner.

Euryale’s Gambit 0.6 Features:

  • 5 new scenes
  • First animated sex scenes!
  • New Intro Scene
  • Removed battle system
  • 1 New Achievement
  • Voice acting for Igret Cathedral encounter by @EmpressBlue
  • New AI voice: Stheno by @MidnightDatura (“Widow”-style)
  • New Flavors: Futa-on-futa, Reverse harem

Thanks for the patience on this one.  It didn’t take as long as 0.5, but it still took longer than planned.  We will be returning to a one-month release cycle for 0.7.  The biggest change in this release is the removal of the battle system.  This leaves gaps in content that we will be filling in starting in 0.7 with the expansion of Ceraphina’s intro scene.

What’s Next?

Next up is the beginning of a change in scenery for Euryale and her consorts, Ceraphina and Ashmedai.  She needs to head east for the dual-purpose of acquiring silk to help crash the cotton market and to free her younger self from the curse of apathy.  This part of the story is about 30-40% of the remaining story and we are incredibly excited to create some of the upcoming drama and action scenes.  HUGE stuff happens including the partial payoff for the Euryale-identity subplot.  We also have some new voices planned for next version.  It’s going to be a very exciting next couple months.

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