Euryale’s Gambit 0.5

Euryale’s Gambit 0.5 (public)

In EG 0.5 Euryale helps some now freed slaves on their way to the free north.  Afterward, she decides to revisit Samuel and “The Master” who is responsible for spreading pro-slavery and pro-war propaganda.


Euryale’s Gambit 0.5 Features:

Battle system (Battle System still WIP):

  • Euryale has lust counter
  • Battle UI minor tweaks
  • Enemies and Euryale can “horny time out” of a battle if lust is too high

Other Changes:

  • 4 new scenes
  • Added optional futanari content
  • Minor text changes to Spoon’s cabin scene
  • Improved AI voices
  • 2 new AI 3D enhanced animations
  • 90% voiced
  • Achievements (3 so far)

This is by far the most important update yet.  We felt like the scenes really couldn’t be split up in a way that would allow our typical one month development cycle.  We decided to take a full two months to deliver a more complete update and this one is big.  Along with this update, we are making public a new game wiki with additional information about Euryale’s world and the subjects mentioned in the game.  It shouldn’t be necessary to understand what’s going on, but for those who are thirsty for more, drinks are on us.  Check it out here:

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