Euryale’s Gambit 0.4

In EG 0.4 Euryale and Echo commence their first plantation raid to free slaves.  This update examines the harsh reality of sexual abuse suffered by slaves during the 19th century by both women and men alike.

Euryale’s Gambit 0.4 Features:

  • 2 new scenes: Plantation Raid 1, Raid 1 Debrief
  • Remastered Echo Rescue scene
  • +104 new images (389+ total)
  • Image compression by default (for public releases)
  • Major dialog changes: intro scene
  • Minor text changes/fixes in camp scenes
  • Added introduction text
  • AI Voice: Add angry emotive voice for Euryale
  • Live voice acting for Cindy brothel scenes starring EmpressBlueVA
  • Live voice acting for Euryale select parts starring MidnightDatura 
  • New scenes have music!
  • Added enemy loot bonuses (money becomes more important later in the game)
  • Updated to renpy 7.4.4

As voted on by the community, The Echo Rescue scene has been remastered.  The images have been replaced to be more in line with the improved style later in the game. Another change over 0.3 is the AI voices for Euryale and Spoons. For 0.3 I had trained a model that sounded closer to the original voice actors, but the AI model made a lot of dictation errors. For 0.4 I have reverted back to a model that doesn’t sound as good, but makes less mistakes. The AI voice actors will remain an area of focus for me until I get results I’m satisfied with. Your patience is appreciated.

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