Catching Heat weekly build 0.0.15+

Update for weekly build 0.0.15 and 0.0.16 sneak peak.

Disclaimer: These are alpha-quality builds. Our AI artist is still in learning.  Do not expect visual quality.

This week we are releasing the 0.0.15 demo build for free public download and a special patreon-exlusive version 0.0.16 featuring all characters being transformed by AI into something vaguely resembling wildeerstudio’s Lara model.

Catching Heat 0.0.15

  • Asset updates
  • Wardrobe changes to Euryale in “Euryale-Entity scene 1”
  • Pose changes for Euryale and girls intro scene
  • Swimwear wardrobe change (bikinis -> one-piece)
  • Minor text changes in intro

Download | More Info

Catching Heat 0.0.16

We have created 20,000 images of wildeerstudio’s Lara in different poses with different outfits, hair color, etc and trained our latest AI neural network on it. Even though it’s still early in the training process, we wanted to offer a special version of the game using this trained AI model to generate the game content as a patreon-exlusive.

This will likely be an ongoing edition for our supports for a while. Initially image quality is expected to really suck. In the next few weeks as we continue to train, we expect the quality of images to match and surpass the “standard” game’s visual quality.

Here are a few very early images from the Lara-edition from the same scenes as the 0.0.15 demo.

If you want the Lara Edition, or just want to support this ground-breaking effort, check us out on Patreon

Bonus: Select images from the training set

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