Catching Heat 0.1.1 released

Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: These are alpha-quality builds. Our AI artist is still in learning.  Do not expect visual quality.

How our system works

This week’s changes include:

  • Visual asset updates
  • Voice asset updates
  • 5 new scenes (from 0.1.0)
  • Halloween themes (Euryale wearing dia de los muertes mask and some AI jack-o-lanterns)
  • Minor text fixes

Download from 

Dev Notes: this is a rebuilt version of 0.1.0 with the latest AI models.  Euryale’s mask isn’t quite popping out in all the scenes and the jack-o-lanterns are more like orange blobs.  Also most of the demo scenes have been removed since they happen later in the story.


Download Links 0.1.1

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