Catching Heat 0.0.19 build

Update for weekly build 0.0.19

Disclaimer: These are alpha-quality builds. Our AI artist is still in learning.  Do not expect visual quality.

As you can see in the updated game banner, we are using the latest “Lara” AI model to generate all in-game images. At the moment, this means that everyone looks very similar. This will change over time as the AI model learns how to draw other things.

That may not be the biggest part of this update though. We now have AI voice acting! Special thanks to @MidnightDatura for her talents that “DaturaNet” (the name we are calling the AI “critter”) will hopelessly try to emulate. DaturaNet will play the part of Euryale for full voice coverage of this character. DaturaNet is quite young and doesn’t quite know how to speak “human” completely yet, but we expect it to improve over time.

The demo is quite short now, but the good news is that we feel we have proven the underlying AI technology enough to proceed to add content to the game. Thus 0.0.19 will be the last weekly demo build and 0.0.20 will be the final “Technical Demo”. After that, expect more and more game content every week.

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