Book of Korvald [build 0.2.16]

Expanded Story:

  • Archbishop Reignvoldt, Archangel Haniel and a few other new bosses are now available to battle.

New Features:

  • Quests. Visit Noraitha in her tavern to inquire about jobs you can take on for gold.
  • Companions. Combat friendlies have been overhauled! There are now three types…

1: Minions – These are weak and very temporary (an example is the zombies that you can raise when using the Lantern of Creation).

2: Corrupted – Any (non-boss) enemy that you “recruit” using your urges will fall into this category. These allies will stay with you until they die or are replaced.

3: Ally – These are unique, named characters that will stay by your side until dismissed. On death they will resurrect when you enter a different area. They will also increase in level with you. The more you use a particular ally the stronger they will become. There is also a new tab that will appear in your book, giving you access to their stats and the ability to equip them with special ally gear that can be found throughout the game world.

  • Missions. These are essentially quests that your allies can embark on while you are not actively utilizing them. Missions are a great way to find ally specific gear.

Newly Added:

  • UI sounds (button click, hover …etc).
  • Vertical scroll bars added to the settings and controller menus so that players can access the full list of options in each.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to fight the archbishop outside of the story progression.
  • Fixed a major bug in the dialog system that was impacting game saves as well as causing boss dialogs to become frozen.
  • Adjusted enemy blocking. When and how quickly they will block attacks is more randomized.
  • Corrupted allies will now show up properly in the new summoning shop at the tavern
  • Named allies will now be seated and accessible in the tavern
  • Fixed several areas around the Iron Abbey that were allowing players to fall through the world
  • Fixed the basement door in the Iron Abbey, you can no longer get soft locked into the room when the boss battle is inactive.
  • Fixed several dialogs that were finishing and exiting too quickly
  • You can now re-enter the Iron Abbey after defeating the Iron Mother, restoring access to dialogs with Sister Agatha. Olivina, Therese and Kara’s rooms will be locked however.
  • Fixed the dialog with Nerthus (Caverns) to properly offer a new dialog option after having visited the event on the ocean floor. NOTE: This final segment of conversation with Nerthus will lead to a new named ally joining your ranks.
  • Made some adjustments to rune ability damage. Big rune attacks will no longer rapidly destroy bosses but will do the damage they were intended to do.
  • Adjusted overpower attacks from Qhroth’un to now hit multiple enemies at once. It was feeling a little lackluster.
  • The new item comparison tooltip will now properly display equipped item stats.
  • Adjusted Hrotsvitha’s ranged attacks (flying books) to no longer push enemies off into the sunset.
  • Adjusted the global lighting in many stages. Allies and NPC’s were not being properly illuminated.
  • Fixed issue where dashing or jumping underwater would cause loss of control of the player.
  • Fixed issue with mounted horses causing loss of control of the player
  • Fixed issue with camera freezing in the prison reservoir
  • Fixed issue causing certain enemies to spam their death animations when executed
  • Fixed the levers in the cathedral library, they were not moving bookcases like they are supposed to.
  • Adjusted ally AI slightly to improve their ability to catch up to you when separated.
  • Fixed layering issues with tooltips
  • Added screen clamping to tooltips
  • Added comparison tooltip when looking at a piece of equipment that can replace something that you already have equipped.
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