Book of Korvald [build 0.0.302]

BUILD 0.0.302

New Features and Important Changes:

– Corruptions will NO LONGER REQUIRE the use of an artifact or any item whatsoever. Because…. see next item

– New Game Mechanic: Urge Bar! As you take damage, the cosmic energies in your body will attempt to repair as much as possible. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) this comes at a cost. As damage is repaired, your hormones become overamplified up to a certain maximum. Once this happens, you will no longer be able to heal yourself UNTIL you can find a way to “relieve” your urges (you picking up what I’m putting down?). All female (non-boss) enemies in the game can now be used to release that buildup. The benefits of doing so are as follows.
    1. Upon release, you will refill your health bar.
    2. Your urge bar will be set back to zero.
    3. The enemy you chose to release into will now become a combat ally.  …which leads me to…

– New Game Mechanic: Combat Allies! When you “recruit” a female enemy via usage of your urge bar, OR you aquire the help of an NPC by other means, they will follow you everywhere until they are replaced by another ally. You can only have one ally active at a time, NOTE: zombies do NOT count as allies in this sense, they are temporary and will dissapear when you leave the screen, whereas combat allies will persist almost indefinitely. Combat allies have their own experience bar and will become stronger the more you use them.

– New Game Mechanic: Runes! The runic energy bar now has a full ability system associated with it. Korvald will be able to discover uses for his native runes as sources of empowerment. You will learn the ability to add various status effects to attacks (burning, shocked, frozen) to massive AOE attacks and even a dimensional teleport.

– New Weapon Type: Bows! Kill enough archers and you will eventually pick up one of their bows and some arrows. Bows are used in your off hand (you will want to hold arrows in your main hand), giving you the ability to both fire arrows (off hand attack button), or if things are getting hairy, (main hand attack button) melee attack with your arrows as if they were daggers.

– New Weapon Type: Spears! These are nice to have due to their increased melee range and impressive damage. You can’t throw them though…. yet

– Crafting! Added 50 recipes to the blacksmiths crafing catalog, and a few more to the tavern. There are at least 3 variants to every weapon type in game, and you can craft nearly all of them (if you find the right parts). Mix, match, make and discover new gear!

– New Feature: Mounts! In the forests around the cathedral as well as the hills surrounding the Iron Abbey, you will find wild horses who can be mounted and ridden accross the playing field. This will help with those moments where you just want to go from point A to B as quickly as possible.

– Changed Artifact: “Jug of ???” is now “Consecration Oil” and functions like a molotov cocktail.

– Changed Artifact: “Beacon of Perversion” is no longer needed to perform corruptions, so now if used on any female enemies, can inspire them to get naked. It is also a key ingredient to craft one of the best weapons in game.

– Sex Scenes: I know you are wondering, and that is okay! This update added 10 new scenes, which is including corruption scenes. You will have to discover these without hints though 😉

New Locations & Characters:

– Iron Abbey: To the far East of Ribe Cathedral you can now find this small convent. Once you have defeated a certain boss, the Iron Sisters will begin requesting your help with various tasks.

– Caverns of Reflection: No longer found inside the Cathedral, the entrance to these caverns can now be found along the road to the Iron Abbey. Multiple chambers can be explored, however, someone has removed all of the lanterns lighting the path so it may be dangerous. Perhaps you can find someone to help light the way? New boss encounter added to caverns as well.

– Lepers: Incredibly aggressive and certainly cursed lepers have taken shelter inside the caverns. They are VERY dangerous and it is recommended that you use long range weapons to combat them.

– Cathedral Library: Inside the Cathedral you may have found a room full of books prior to this update. Now you can explore multiple library chambers which will lead you to both new abilities and story progression. 

– Scribes: Monks that have dedicated their lives to the written word. These men both occupy and guard the library.

– Cathedral Basement/Catacombs: There is a new section of rooms under the cathedral where the caverns used to be. Deep inside the catacombs you may find yourself face to face with a new boss encounter. New items and abilities to be found as well.

– Teutonic Destroyer: These hulking variants of the Teutonic Knights are insanely strong and have incredible defenses. Bring the biggest weapons you have to this fight.

– Sister Superior: The Sisters of Steel have taken inspiration from the Teutonics, and have begun to deploy these monstrous warrior nuns to try and stop your progress.

– Snipers/Bowmen: The Templars are now bringing their sharpshooters out to try and take you down. These guys can appear just about anywhere and will try to kill you from great distances. Getting in close can be tricky as well as they are quite acrobatic and will try to backstep your attacks.

– Rats: The sewers and prison corridors are now littered with rat infestations. Not much in the way of health but they can be hard to hit.

– Phantoms: Various locations now have spectral adversaries. Low to Moderate difficulty to kill.

– Escape Prisoners: Certain corridors in the prison are lined with violent escaped prisoners. They are very sneaky and can hide in shadows until you are close enough to ambush.

– Prison Boss: There is a new boss encounter in the area of the prison most inhabited by escapees.

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