Book of Korvald [0.2.5]

Redesigned the talents/skills section of the character menu. Talents now have a proper talent tree design.

Added 3 new talents to choose from.

Updated the intro sequence with some visual improvements and dialog changes.

All thrown off-hand weapons have improved trajectory/speed/effects.

While Kara is following you, she now has a super attack you can use when her power meter is full (hold up and press the off-hand attack).

If for any reason you finished Nerthus quest to the ocean bottom, returned to complete the dialog about Groth and ultimately did not recruit Ingrid Bjerg, she will now appear next to Nerthus where you can talk to and have her join you.

Added more visual improvements to boss fights.


  • Fixed an issue causing items to vanish when unequipping them.
  • Fixed issue preventing use of urge power while having an active corrupted ally.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some artifacts from working properly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Kara from following you while rescuing her or walking her to the campsite.
  • Fixed issues causing enemies and allies to walk in place for a few seconds when being attacked.
  • Iron Abbey can once again be entered after defeating Iron Mother.
  • Some connecting doorways in the forests have been adjusted to prevent failure to change scenes when jumping near them.
  • Title screen and library writing scene have been visually updated.
  • Removed annoying sound effects from Sisters of Iron when attacking them.
  • Corruption bar usage and NPC animations have been adjusted.
  • Flying enemies will no longer go way out of reach when pursuing them.
  • Thrown weapons can once again hit flying enemies.
  • Fixed broken animations in the Iron Abbey dinner sequence.
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