Bewildering Dream

[This is a writing prompt hosted V.A. Laurie (aka Val) on LewdPixel’s Discord Server]

As I was getting ready with the last piece of my project, I bolted the last screw down to a metal sheet as I was getting ready for the last piece of my project. It’s finally ready. I have constructed a time machine successfully! It’s a strange egg-looking shape with accelerometers, levers, and what-not inside it. I’m so nervous about traveling back in time that my plan was about 350 years back in the past. I’m sure my phone isn’t in my pocket, though, and I dial up the year with full of excitement, pulling the lever right next to me, and pushing the accelerometers. My vision is a bit disturbed by a mix of flashing blue and white lights, but I don’t care. I noticed a slight vibration in my left pocket as I stepped out of the pod into the past. It’s my phone. To check what was going on, I pulled it out of it, and I was shocked to see the notification on my phone.

“Wi-fi Networks Are Available”

I’m so bewildered by it. Not once, but twice, I rechecked my year’s calibration and my dashboard. I did go back 350 years in the past. But this boggled my mind somehow. How the heck there’s Wi-Fi technology in 1672?! With the side effect of jet lag from the time machine, I decided to ask around. Maybe this isn’t the best idea, but it’s worth a try. I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful but scattered the building is, as I try to make sense of the situation. A few kilometers in front of me, there is a single tall tower consisting of many billboards and signs around it, with the shape of a triangle or a pyramid at the very top of the building. The people who lived in the area stared at me in awkwardness as I walked through the neighborhood, as I was so strange towards them. I don’t mind, but there’s this thing I couldn’t make off yet. Why do some individuals have some hard metal in them, such as plastic surgery, but using metals and wires? One of them had a red laser on his right eye as if SkyeNet were invading the world or just the country alone.

“Young man, what are you doing here?”

An old man tapped on my shoulders and asked me why I looked so confused. Made of stainless steel and small hinges, his fingers are out of the ordinary. I told him all about it, that I was a time traveler, and I asked him what year it was. He gently hit me on the head and shoved the newspaper at me. It is, apparently, May 29th, 1672. They spoke about almost anything in the paper itself, like the current times, but there’s one that caught my eye. There is a copyright law enacted by Massachusetts that also appears on this day. They didn’t teach us this at our university or our school, or I didn’t pay enough attention to it. And thus my journey around the city began. The city itself is properly organized, I would say, but the beauty of this city is sometimes overshadowed by the LED lights they have on the signboards. Sometimes on the top of their buildings or lots, there’s also some kind of hologram, pretty awesome technology! As I was minding my own business, jaywalking, suddenly there’s a whoosh and a strike of pink lights right beside me. It spooked me, and I almost fell to my knees. Both I and the people around me are bursting into laughter, and I don’t want to make things more awkward or uncomfortable.

During my tour, it was unbelievably hot, so I looked for a park to grab some water for myself. I checked out the vending machine that sells water for free and “Real Water” was imprinted on the bottle as the label when I took hold of the bottle. There are various kinds or types of water in this town, I guess, but I’m glad they didn’t sell it at an outrageous price. Back on the main street, the cars are very different from the current time. Some of them drive, as usual, some of them fly too! Heck, I do being jealous of their technological advancement. The cops are way cooler too, they’re armed to the teeth! Their body is full of armor enhancements, with some sort of lenses or goggles around their eyes. Their traffic lights are also cool, holographic, like the buildings before, but not like the LEDs in the current times. All hell breaks loose when I walked in front of a clothes store as gunshots were heard, people ran everywhere on the streets. There are cop cars driving around to search for the suspect, and I’m right here sitting ducks out in the open. I’m so scared for my life, and I think I did wet my pants. I want to get up and start to run but I fall face-first to the ground. I recovered back and I’m wide awake in my bedroom with a pain in my head. I sigh in relief, it’s a dream after all but I did wet my pants and wet myself. Yikes.

Skye Jordan

The name's Skye. An indie music producer. Generally an AVN consumer and always on the lookout for some new things to play/read AVNs.

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