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Last modified: October 14, 2021

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Types of Content

  • News
    • Site news
    • Industry news
  • Reviews
  • Features
    • Editorials
    • Opinion
    • Interviews
    • Guides

Disallowed Content

The following content is not allowed by law.

  • Bestiality (Zoophilia), meaning content containing the sexual depiction of animals.
  • Underage Content, meaning content containing sexual acts with characters that are under 18 years old – Including shota or loli content.
  • Content containing copyrighted material. – Games with copyrighted music or images (real-porn games for example.)
  • Unconfirmed/Unsubstantiated allegations, claims or quotes (see below).

Regarding disallowed content. This is due to the fact that we are an EU company, and our server is located within the EU, and we need to abide by EU laws.

Should a game contain any of the content listed above in a patch, we cannot review the patched version, only the base game.

Style Guide

When writing Articles please ensure to follow our Style Guide, which can be found here.


When writing Articles, some news may come via a source that wishes to remain confidential. This is perfectly acceptable and understandable. However, hearsay or opinion is not enough when using sources.

While sources may remain confidential, their claims must be able to be confirmed or substantiated, otherwise, it cannot be used.

Features are a place where you can discuss any topic about the Adult Gaming Industry that you are really passionate about. Please note that there will be a Disclaimer at the bottom of every Featured Article stating the opinions expressed within are those of the individual and not of the company.


  • Size
    • While not a strict requirement, Reviews should be in the area of 1500 words. Reviews typically will be between 800 and 3000 words.
    • Reviews should not be too verbose or meandering. The structure is important.
  • Scoring
    • Scores should be explained, either piecemeal through the review or via bullet points.
    • Scoring a game should happen in isolation. Comparing a game to another game may result in unfair scoring.
    • If a game is part of a series, then it is okay to compare it to a previous installment. Do not let this affect the scoring of the game being reviewed.
    • Sometimes, Game Developers will release an update that is alpha. Alpha games tend to have bugs. Furthermore, sometimes these games tend to be abandoned by their Developers who underestimated their workload or lost interest in the project. For this reason, we will not be publishing Reviews for games in their first three major content updates, i.e. v0.3 by semantic versioning.
    • Try not to give games a score of 0.0 or 5.0. There will always be worse and better games that come along.
  • Review copies
    • Sharing review copies of games is not allowed under any circumstances.
    • Sharing such copies that result in a game being pirated will result in immediate removal from the team.

Steam Curator Page

Games that we review, that are also on Steam, will appear on our Steam Curator Page.

All LewdPixels Writers are encouraged to join our Steam group to gain access to our curator page, so that you can avail yourself of games provided to us by developers and publishers.

We take access to our curator page seriously. Abuse of this privilege will result in revocation of access.

  • Accepting a game on the Curator page, and not producing content for said game, will result in a two month ban from the curator page.
  • A second violation of this trust will result in a permanent ban from access to our curator page and the games that we are provided with.


Guides can cover a wide range of topics, from a walkthrough of a game, to a guide on writing a story. Guides can be a part of a series, e.g. a series of guides on how to make a game in Ren’py.

Guides typically will be between 200 and 2000 words. Try to include images to better support your guide.

Content Titles

Titles are how you sell your Article.

  • Titles should be:
    • Descriptive without being verbose.
    • Between 4 and 18 words.


  • Where possible, images should be at least 1080p.
    • This ensures higher quality when used for covers or large image sizes.
    • 720p is acceptable but undesirable.
  • Custom or 3rd party graphics should never be used in the content (this does not include game renders).
    • Our design team should always be approached to produce graphics to ensure quality and consistency.

Featured Images

The Featured Image of an article will be displayed in the article’s preview on the home page. It is part of what will attract a reader into checking out an Article. In order to ensure the best possible content for our readers we ask that you not use an image with adult content as the Featured Image. We also ask that you do not pick an image with text or graphics that can clash with the title of the Article.


Topics are like tags, they help describe content and link related content.

  • Topics will be managed by the Editorial team.
  • When adding Topics, please try to be as general as possible.
  • Keep Topics for articles between 2 and 6.
  • If you require additional Topics, please request this from a member of the Editorial team.

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