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Last modified: May 24, 2020

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LewdPixels.com is a place for the players, fans, and developers of adult games. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the players and fans get honest, unbiased reviews, helpful features, and all of the important industry news delivered in a timely and professional manner. We hope to build a reputation that will encourage players to trust our reviews and then visit the relevant developer’s page and be moved to contribute towards their games. To ensure we achieve our goal to be the first place people come to find out about adult games, we have to have a few policies:

  • Developers are not allowed to write about, or have any involvement in (outside of interviews and their own developer page), articles about their own games.
  • Plans and projects bigger than a single article must be discussed with the team before work begins.
  • Articles with outside collaboration must be discussed and approved before being formally agreed with the external party.
  • Managers and Editors reserve the right to refuse an article even after it has been set to “pending” for editorial review.
  • All external discussions should highlight that we are an unbiased source for reviews and information on the adult gaming industry.
  • Any negative reviews need to have constructive criticism and not simply be bashing the developer or the game.
  • Any overly positive reviews need to also have constructive criticism added. There’s no such thing as a perfect game.
  • While we do encourage guides and features targeted at developers, we must ensure that doesn’t appear to be our main focus.

Be aware that a lot of players’ first impression of LewdPixels.com may come from what you say. Ensuring we keep our goal in mind will help to make that first impression the right one.

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