HR Teamwork and Reporting

Last modified: May 24, 2020

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When a diverse group of people gather together, there is always the risk of friction. This can be seen in many communities, both online and offline. As staff members at we are a team, and that means we all are to be held to a higher standard of behaviour than our community, no matter what our role in the team.

Here are a list of policies related to working together:

  • Keep politics, religion, and any other triggering topics out of the staff channels.
  • Do not engage in debates in the public channels.
  • Do not reveal information that is shared to Staff to anyone outside of the Staff group.
  • Do make an effort to not be offended by anything a Staff member may say.

These are some of the things that must be reported to HR immediately:

  • If you see a Staff member breaking any of the site or HR policies.
  • If you get into an argument with another Staff member, and you cannot resolve it between yourselves.
  • If you feel harassed or bullied.
  • If you see someone harassed or bullied.

To report anything to HR, please email [email protected] Reporting is not limited to the list above. If you feel it needs to be reported, just do it.