HR Policies & Practices

Last modified: December 8, 2020

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  • All applicants will have a trial period of 1 month.
    • After the trial period, applicants’ continued involvement must be reviewed.
    • Failure to perform tasks in the trial period will result in removal from the team.
  • All applicants must be approved by Managers.
    • At least 3 Managers must give their approval for applicants.
    • In the event that any Manager raises a concern regarding an applicant, the matter should be discussed.
    • In the event of a conflict, a majority must be reached.


  • Staff members must advise a Manager of expected leave.
  • In the event that a Staff member does not return after leave, contact should be attempted.
  • In the event that contact is not possible and/or no contact has been received, the Staff member will be demoted or removed after a period of 1 month.

Demotion & Removal.

  • Staff members who are inactive for a period of 1 month without reason or contact may face removal from the team.
  • Contact should be attempted in the event of inactivity.
  • In the event of no contact, the Staff member will be demoted or removed, depending on their position.