General Staff Handbook

Last modified: May 18, 2020

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Probationary Period.

  • All Staff are subject to a probationary period when first joining the team.
  • The probationary period for all Staff is 2 weeks.
  • During the probationary period, Staff member activity will be monitored.


  • Leave can be requested at any time for any reason.
  • The maximum leave period that can be requested is 2 months.
  • Leave can be requested as many times as needed.
  • In the event that Staff members do not return from leave, their inactivity phase will begin (see below).

Inactivity Period.

  • The inactivity period defines the allowed time that people may go AWOL.
  • The inactivity period is 1 month.
  • Contact will be attempted for Staff in an inactive period.
  • If contact is not possible or the Staff member does not return within one month, said Staff member will be removed.


  • This is a volunteer website, and as such we only expect people to take on what they are able to manage.
  • For this reason we are planning to populate roles with numerous people, to help lighten loads.
  • If a Staff member feels that they are unable to perform responsibilities for their role, or they are uninterested in it, another role can be considered.
  • If a Staff member wishes to step down from Staff completely they are allowed to do that as well, there will be no hard feelings for this.
  • For further information on how to use our website for performing web based duties, please see Staff Docs.

Team Effort

  • Despite the fact that people will have assigned roles, we are a team. Assisting people in other roles is perfectly fine and would be appreciated.
  • “Don’t air our dirty laundry in public”. Please do not discuss ideas, concerns or conversations in public places or with anyone other than Staff.
    • Concerns – Addressing concerns in public may give the impression that you were unable to do so in private, and felt you had to bring it to light. We hope this is never the case.
    • Ideas – Addressing ideas or planned features in public is a dangerous game. In the event that we’re unable to deliver, it will lead to disappointment and demonstrate poor planning on our part.
  • Be aware that as a team, one person’s actions or words in public reflect on the whole team. So try to be considerate.
  • There are many moving parts in this project and we want to ensure that everyone is on the same page, any new ideas or thoughts must be discussed with the Management team (Editors and Managers) before being discussed with anyone outside of the project. We must all be aware of what we are doing, because other people may also have similar ideas and these must be coordinated.

Staff Meetings

  • We will be holding a weekly Staff meeting via our “Staff Voice” channel.
  • These meetings will be a chance for all Staff to be brought up to speed on the project and to voice any ideas.
  • Staff meetings have a tendency to drag on, to avoid this: meetings will be held in an orderly fashion as to allow everyone to have a fair chance to speak.
  • During meetings, please always be respectful to the ideas or opinions of others.
  • While meetings are not mandatory, all Staff are encouraged to attend.
  • For those that cannot attend, meetings will be recorded and notes will be taken, and will be shared.
  • If someone is not able to attend a meeting, they can still ask somebody who is attending to raise points/ideas/concerns on their behalf.


  • All Staff have the ability to moderate public channels. There is a Discord Moderation Guide.
  • It is the responsibility of all Staff members to handle any rule violations they see.


We cannot close our eyes and ignore the fact that communities like F95Zone exist. They are a big part of our community. However, we can never link directly to nor promote by any means, pirated links for games. If/when conversation occurs regarding sites like F95Zone, Staff are discouraged from entering into such discussions. While not disallowed, conversations should be redirected if possible. In the case of games that are published solely on F95Zone, and do not contain any restricted or pirated content themselves, they can be discussed freely (The Envixer Rule).
Game developers may choose to put F95Zone links on their game listing page. That is their prerogative alone.

Game Patches

  • Game patches are a part of this community and our gameplay experience.
  • Discussing them, linking to them, and reviewing based upon them is perfectly fine.
  • If a patch violates our ToS, it can not be discussed.
    • e.g., we can discuss Ecchi Sensei, but not its Dark Mind patch, because it enables sex with underage characters.