Editorial Handbook

Last modified: December 19, 2020

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The Editorial team is a buffer between Writers and the public. Editors don’t simply check for spelling and grammar, they ensure content does not violate our content policies (as outlined in the Writers Handbook).

Writers are unable to publish content on the website. That is the role of Editors, once the content is approved.

Make sure all content adheres to our Style Guide. Also refer to our guide on Content Blocks & Article layout.


  • Review content for:
    • Spelling.
    • Grammar.
    • Accurate Topics.
    • Correct source image sizes.
    • Confirmed cited sources.
    • Prohibited content.
    • Check for Featured Image.
  • Manage Topics, Genres, Fetishes and Optional Fetishes list.
    Our lists are our key way of describing and linking content.
    • Entries should be general and never be overly vague.
    • Remove duplicate entries, and any that have incorrect cases or are misspelled.
  • Manage Media library.
    Media can get very unruly and requires management.
    • We use a folder system within our Media Library.
      • Images that belong to a specific game should be put into its game folder.
      • When a folder is not available, simply create one for it.
      • Please try to keep folders in alphabetical order, by dragging and dropping them to the correct spot.


When scheduling content, please ensure to select Twitter & Facebook for social sharing.

Schedule Days

The current days on which we schedule content for release are as follows.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

These times are for initial releases of content. Content should also be re-shared 6 days after publication.

For example, The Monday release will get a re-share on the following Sunday.

Schedule Times

The initial publication of content should happen in the following timeslot:
7pm – 9pm (Server time – CEST)

The re-share timeslot is:
11pm (Server time – CEST)

Editorial Checklist

  • Titles:
    • Titles should be between 4  and 18 words.
    • Titles should not be too vague or misleading.
  • Article body:
    • While not strict, the desirable word count for articles are as follows:
      • News: Between 200 and 1000.
      • Reviews: Between 800 and 3000.
      • Features: Between 800 and 3000.
      • Guides: Between 200 and 2000.
    • Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    • Ensure all images, quote blocks and other elements are aligned and laid out in an interesting fashion.
    • Ensure any references to sources or claims are confirmed/substantiated.
  • Content Relationships
    • When an article is about or is referencing a game or games, please ensure that the relationship field is correctly listing said game(s).
    • In the event that a game listing is not on our website. Please try to create it and populate it with basic content.
  • Reviews
    • Like above, please ensure that the game being reviewed is selected in the appropriate box.
    • Our scoring system is between 0.0 and 5.0, please ensure scores meet this format and are entered accurately and fairly.
  • Topics
    • Ensure content contains between 2 and 6 Topics.
  • Images
    • Ensure images sources are at least 1080p.
    • In the event that 1080p is not available, 720p is acceptable.
      • This is a rough guide, use your best judgment.