Content Blocks & Article Layout.

Last modified: March 6, 2021

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Our Article Editor is a block based system. Some of the most common blocks that you might use in your articles are:

  • Paragraph
  • Image
  • List
  • Quote
  • Game Embed.

All of these blocks can be used to create interesting looking Articles for our readers. Having a flat page of text with no variation or layout features can be an instant turn off for readers.

Adding Blocks

You can add blocks in two ways.

Method 1. Top Left menu.

  1. Select the + Menu icon to open the Blocks menus.
  2. You can either search for a variety of Blocks.
  3. Or you can simply navigate via the menus.

Method 2: Between Existing Blocks.

When hovering between existing blocks in your article, the same + menu icon appears, which will open the same window as above.

Laying out Blocks in an Article.

While we never want to see Articles being published that are a plain body of text, you also have to be careful not to over clutter an article with elements, making it difficult to follow.


Headings are a great way to break up content into sections. However they should always follow a hierarchy. Sections of the same importance should have an H2 for example, while sub-sections of them should have an H3, and so on.


Paragraphs are the simplest element in the toolbox. You never have to do anything to them in order to make them wrap around images or quotes. I don’t need to show you what that looks like, because, it’s this.


Images have much more flexibility and variation to them. They can be aligned and also resized to suit your needs.

  • Thumbnail – 450px X 253px – Good for aligning left or right and wrapping text around. When aligned left or right text may bleed off of the page.
  • Medium – 900px X 506px – Should only be aligned center. They are the full width of the Article.
  • Large – 1200px X 675px – They are the full width of the page. Can bleed off of the edges.
  • Small Letterbox – 900px X 200px – Full width of the Article. The Letterbox images are good featured content dividers.
  • Letterbox – 1200px X 400px – Much like the Small Letterbox, but bleed off of the edge of the Article.


Quotes are a great way to feature something that is said within an Article or Interview. Much like images, it can be aligned left, right or center. When left or right aligned, it will bleed off of the edge of the Article and text will wrap around it.

Game Embed

The Game Embed Block is a special block for when you want to produce lists of games for any reason. This block queries all of the Game Listing pages on our website. If a game you want is not listed, please ask an Editor or Manager to add it for you.