Anatomy of a Good Review

Last modified: May 4, 2020

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Starting a review can be a difficult undertaking,the main point of it is to try to convey the story and try to sell the reader on the game.

The best way to start a review is with a brief synopsis of what happens in the newest update/version of a game. It does not have to be too long though, a good review doesn’t give an extensive summary of a game and then follow it up with 1 or 2 lines of your thoughts. A review is meant to be your analysis of the game. You have to describe and explain why you think it is good or bad and the reasons behind it.

Our main goal is to be objective with our reviews and explain the reasoning for why we gave a game a certain score. A good review is also balanced, it can’t just be good points or bad points it has to have both. Although you must be aware that being balanced doesn’t mean every praise needs an equal condemnation. The review also needs to be structured, meaning you can’t start discussing a point and then move on without giving it a score or getting to a resolution about that point.

Reviews should also be kept on topic, there should be no need to add any “filler” to it. Don’t mention other games or developers in the review and make sure that the review is about the game and not the developer.

If a game is part of a series it is okay to mention previous installments of a game but it is not okay to let it influence the scoring.

You can mention how a game made you felt but reviews shouldn’t focus on your feelings about a specific genre as this can be misinterpreted as bias. Make sure to use good judgment and explain why you like something and not just mention you like it because it’s good.

You have to be specific as to why you scored something the way you did, go into the details about it and really make sure you get your point across.

You have to make sure you play through the entire update/version of the game you are reviewing. This way you can provide and honest and complete review of the game.

Another important point to keep in mind is not to give out too many spoilers about the game, the point is to give out enough to get the reader hooked.

The best way to get a reader hooked is by using constructive criticism, a reader is more likely to want to play a game if you are positive about it instead of bashing on it. When giving criticism, ask yourself: “What did x do well?” and “What could x have done better?”

If a review is overly negative that can leave the reader in a negative mood and we want our readers to leave with a positive outlook of our website, even if we give a game a low score.

It is also never a good idea to call a game the best or worst thing that you have ever played, as there will always be something better or worse. You always have to keep in mind that a review is meant to sell the game to the reader.