A Practical Guide to Content Creation

Last modified: March 6, 2021

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When creating content for LewdPixels.com, you will have 4 content types at your disposal. In this guide, we will go over the creation of a Review as it is the most involved. In your dashboard, hover over Reviews, and click “Add new review”.

Main Screen

  1. You can add blocks from the top left menu (explained below).
  2. Editorial comments are used for communication between Writers and Editors. This is a great way to communicate with writers while they are offline, for example.
  3. When writing any article that is about a game – or multiple games. You must select the game from this list. If a game is not available, please ask an Editor or Manager to create the listing.


The right hand Document sidebar is where we control an articles settings and data.

  • Status & Visibility – When saving a draft of your article, you can set the Post Status here. For more information please see the Writers Handbook in #staff-info
  • Featured Image – This image is required and will be used as both the archive thumbnail and the cover image on the article itself. Please see the Writers Handbook for more information.
  • Excerpt – A small summary of your article.
  • Discussion – This will open or close comments on a specific article.
  • Age Gate Options – This will turn the age gate on and off on this specific article. The default should always be restricted, do not check “Do not age restrict this content”, without consent from an Editor or Manager.
  • Topics – Where you specify the topics for an article.
  • Review Score – Where you enter the scored for a review.
  • Review Version – Where you enter the version details of the game you are reviewing.