oysterkeeper June 13, 2020 What Makes “Mythic Manor” Special?


What Makes “Mythic Manor” Special?

Mythic Manor begins by having the Main Character (MC) move into a manor for mythics (who would have thought?). Mythics, also called Myths, are modern descendants of Mythical creatures such as Phoenixes and Nymphs. They look human but retain powers similar to their ancestors. The MC is a half-myth, so he doesn’t have any powers (that we know of) so he has lived a pretty normal life prior to moving into the manor. This quickly changes once he arrives at the manor. Fortunately, he quickly adapts and befriends all of the myths.

That being said, Mythic Manor was a game I wasn’t sure I would enjoy. As with most adult games, even if I’m hesitant to giving it a try, I give it a go anyways. I’m thankful I decided to give this one a try because it really is a special game. After I explain myself, I recommend doing the same as I did with this game.


The main reason I was uncertain about trying this game was the fact that it is a sandbox game with even more layers to it; it has an open map that leads to locations that often have even more locations within them, which is basically everything I stand against having in the adult games I play. More often than not, these games just feel like an absolute chore to play. It often feels equivalent to playing hide and seek with each character. Thankfully, in the case of Mythic Manor, it was nothing like this. I would say at least 80% of the events had extremely useful tips that tell me exactly when and where to go to progress the story.

Because there are so many events, it’s nice to have the option to progress through the game at your own pace. You have all the freedom to go down any path you would like whenever you want to. I don’t often have good things to say about the sandbox mode some games use, so this praise really means a lot coming from me. I would have to say this is one of the best implementations of an open-world sandbox I have seen in an adult game. Barring one event, there wasn’t much of a grind and it was actually interesting playing the game as intended.

The event in question was that one of the characters you meet requires a grind to get anywhere with them. I adore this character but boy did it suck “unlocking” her. You have to get around $1,200 to give to her (no she isn’t a gold digger). The easiest way to get money early on (that I know of) limits you to around $40 a day in the beginning. So you would have to grind for over 20 days to simply unlock her story. That’s 20 days you wake up, work, sleep. As you improve at this job, you end up receiving more money for your time so it gets a bit easier as you go on but regardless, this gets extremely repetitive very quickly. Stuff like this is honestly beyond frustrating to have in the game and makes it feel like a job. I don’t regret having to do the grind because she’s probably my favorite character but it sucks to have to do menial tasks just to “play” the game.

On top of this, there were also still a few moments where I honestly could not find where some characters were, which can be very maddening. The tips for these specific moments were very vague, “Fanora is not in her room, she must be somewhere in the city”. Then, without the help of a walk-through, you would be expected to search every place in the entire map which easily can take upwards of 5 minutes just brainlessly spam clicking through locations to hopefully find them. Considering most events are far easier to start than my example, I have to imagine that it was a mistake leaving the tip so hopelessly vague. Thankfully, these moments are rare but they are the epitome of what I dislike when playing sandbox games. For moments such as these, I have to recommend the walk-through which the developer provides along with the game.

In some ways, I definitely am impressed with how accessible and easy to use the sandbox is relative to many other games but it certainly still has remnants of the reasons why I dislike sandbox games as a whole. Taking all of this into consideration, I would say the game mechanics are above average but they still could have used more refining.


The writing is certainly where this game stands apart from many other, similar games. The game has an extremely diverse amount of love interests including (but not limited to), MILFS, inexperienced/introverted girls, some very outgoing/experienced girls, and the list continues. What’s so special about all of this? Well the best part is that all these characters have dedicated romance arcs that each have extremely different pacing based on their vastly different personalities. I think there really isn’t a relationship that is done badly in this game. I appreciate every single girl we get to meet and the game does a fantastic job of building a believable connection between the MC and these love interests.

I find that in a lot of games, the more love interests you add, the more the quality drops. The characters sometimes begin to feel too similar to each other or there simply isn’t enough content with a specific girl. But with Mythic Manor, this is definitely not the case. All of the main girls that end up living in the manor with you have an extraordinary amount of content. These events can be focused on one specific girl or sometimes with a group of them. The relationships feel varied and natural and are done in a very realistic way. All of the girls feel very unique; they work in different places around the town, they all have different powers, and they simply feel like different people which is so very important for building a convincing story and you couldn’t imagine how many games fall short in this regard.

In addition to the main cast of love interests, there are a large number of side girls as well. These girls do not have nearly as much content but their stories often are just as meaningful. While the game doesn’t have much of an overarching story, it’s clear that this game is extremely rich with content regarding the relationship building. There is a real lot of depth which I crave when playing romance games. The ability to make me appreciate such a large amount of characters is really outstanding. Some people might consider the lack of a main story a negative but I think it’s a positive and it goes very well with the sandbox this game is modeled around. There is a real lot of depth which I crave when playing romance games. Because of all of this, I think the writing is the strongest element of the game.



There is a diverse amount of art across so many characters. No matter who you are, at least one girl will look appealing to you. The characters all have their styles and personalities which are shown by what they wear as well as through their varied expressions and mannerisms. I think every girl I meet looks fantastic, and that is no small feat. The whole art style across the game feels very serene and peaceful, specifically the town they live in. There are many different locations that feel homey and relaxing. There are beaches, parks, and farms amongst other places and this wide range of environments certainly did not go unnoticed by myself. The art sets a good mood for the game and really goes great together with the story.

In spite of all this, I do feel that compared to the production and the writing, the visuals certainly are a bit weaker. The real issue with the visuals are all the sexual scenes. They all feel very copy-pasted and all the girls look the exact same with their janky animations. It’s really disappointing to see such fantastic and unique models just get put through almost a formulaic type of animation sequence. You will definitely notice the lack of variety in the animations after a short period of playing and it’s rather unfortunate. I think the game seriously suffers from this aspect and it’s pretty hard to overlook considering the immense quality of the other aspects of the game.

Final Thoughts

Mythic Manor is definitely a special game but not without its weak-spots. The writing continuously impresses me and for that reason alone, it’s worth trying. On top of that, the game just has so much variety. The girls you meet all have such different backgrounds and it’s really a pleasure getting to know them. The relationship building is fantastic and I really love the way the game did this. It feels so personal, but also light-hearted and, as I said before, peaceful. For these reasons, I would even consider forcing myself to play through a badly implemented sandbox mode but, amazingly enough, this game manages to make the sandbox feel like a bonus most of the time. Although I was not a big fan of the animations, the art is still pretty to look at and there is a lot of effort that went into the appearances of all the characters.

If you have not tried Mythic Manor, I implore you to give it a go. If you are into romance and relationship building, this game does it remarkably well and for people that aren’t into that as much, the game maintains a quick enough pace that this aspect doesn’t become over-bearing and boring.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts regarding the game below.

Mythic Manor Review


Writing: 4.0 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 2.8 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 3.6 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.


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2 years ago

I am enjoying my romp through the game now. None of the girls feel easy(except for one and she isn’t too easy, either), and I feel attached to them. I have 2 or 3 favorites(one of them’s mention above), and the writing’s actually pretty good! Catch me on Goohshi this weekend playing it!

2 years ago

I’m curious, who is your favorite character? Been a while since I’ve played but don’t remember having to grind money to progress a girl’s story, except for Velle’s stripclub card. Velle is my favorite though so it was worth xD

2 years ago
Reply to  oysterkeeper

Jade is the best in my opinion. I love her short hair and absolutely love her freckles.

2 years ago

About your review this is a must try for me and I believe this will be a match this time. Unfortunately “A Summer’s End” was not my cup of tea despite of the art and story the
writing and gameplay side didn’t worked for me.

2 years ago
Reply to  oysterkeeper

Well “Mythic Manor” is a great game I enjoyed very much so passed the test and got on my fav list. (now 80 game has on it omg) Stick to the sandbox part I love to roam a map and rooms but I know lot of people not so the walkthrough really needed in that case. Despite that I can recomend to anyone to give it a try.

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