V.A. Laurie November 23, 2020 Mozzoloh – Different, Silly, Fun!

Mozzoloh – Different, Silly, Fun!

Developer Pokkaloh may not be super well known yet, but to those who do know them, Pokkaloh are an interesting dev team because the adult games that they make are not your standard VN. They aren’t your standard idle or clicker game, either. The Pokkaloh Team makes games that are something like a point and click adventure, mixed with inventory management, and a little bit of brick break puzzle combat. At least, that’s the best way to describe some of their games – Mozzoloh being one of them.

I’ll be honest with you. I have over 60 hours spent on this game, but it’s not because it’s a perfect game. Far from it, and yet there is something really enjoyable about finding new weapons, upgrading them, changing tile percentages, capturing monsters, and sometimes fucking them. Yep, you read that right. You get to fuck monsters! But first, you must capture them. There really is a lot to this game, so let’s dive in and break down the good, the bad, and… the anything else.

At first, Mozzoloh seems like a silly little game about connecting blocks to fight creatures so you can rescue some women. The combat style is unusual, but kind of fun. The problem with it is the reliance you will have on equipment. You see, you can obtain new equipment by progressing through the different realms, but you’ll really start to find new items after you rescue Amelia, the shop keeper. Amelia’s prices, however, aren’t cheap, unless you’re buying very low level items. Luckily, you can unlock the Forge, a location which allows you to upgrade your gear. Unluckily, the Forge is locked until the late game. That means that for most of the game, you will be trying to grind the realms to get trash to sell, so you can afford a better item.

Leveling up in this game is only slightly beneficial. It will give you a slight boost to HP and Attack, but I do mean slight. Relying on leveling up to advance is a grind I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And as mentioned, there is already plenty of grinding in this game.

Want to make Money? Amelia can give you a Hunt Quest for a small payout. Go grind a realm to beat the required creatures.
Want to collect fish to cook/sell/feed to your creatures? Go grind the realms to do the fishing minigame.
Want to raise your love meter with the girls? Grind through whatever they require.

The game overall has a unique feel to it that is very welcome in an industry overrun by Visual Novels (not that VNs are a bad thing!) Getting started with Mozzoloh will feel like a nice change of pace from what you’re probably used to. It combines so many tiny minigames and small play segments into a cohesive game that is simply fun to play. However, the fun may not last forever if you are looking to quickly complete it. As mentioned, there is a serious grind required to 100% the game.

What is odd, is that despite taking many hours to complete the game to 100%, it somehow feels like it’s still lacking in content. It feels as if the difficulty ramps up significantly as you progress, but suddenly you’ll be overpowered thanks to the forge system. Mozzoloh puts up walls to block your progress, but with a single timely upgrade to some item, you’re now soaring over the wood wall (that’s a reference!) Although the Forge system is exceptionally important, a feature that may be even more important, in some ways, is your ability to capture monsters and add them to your team.

You may bring 2 of your captured monsters with you as your Team. This is so fucking important because this allows you to have automatic attacks using different elements. The main realms that you battle in have mostly consistent weaknesses through to their end, but the locations in late game are random mobs, so the weaknesses could be anything. Monsters allow you to cover your bases. Without upgraded equipment and a good team of monsters, you’ll get stuck at the walls.

Mozzoloh is a game full of mini-games. You can fish, chop wood, mine stone, date a couple girls (most of them don’t require “dating”), farm, and cook. Each of them serving an important, albeit time consuming, purpose. Oddly, you are able to fish and chop wood from the map screen, but cannot retain any of the stuff you catch/cut when you choose to do that from the main map, so I have no idea why these locations are even there. There is enough chopping and fishing to be done through normal gameplay that doing it just for fun is not a thing. No one, and I mean fucking no one will want to do those things just for fun.

Despite the grind, which is truly brutal (and I’m someone who enjoys grinds!), the game has many women, many monsters, and plenty of stuff to find. There is a sex scene with all but one woman, and there are plenty of scenes having sex with the monsters as well. It keeps the game fun, for quite a while. Like I said, I’ve put well over 60 hours into the game, just because I enjoy playing it. Even having unlocked everything, I still just enjoy the game itself. I’ll even skip some of the sex scenes that pop up randomly (after they’ve been unlocked) because I’m really just trying to play the game. Plus, the sex scenes are just okay.

This is one of the better looking characters during the sex scenes.

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial than a VN, more hands-on than some Idle game, and less pay to win than some of the clicker games out there, Mozzoloh is an excellent choice. Even with the detractors mentioned above, this is one game that I can see myself coming back to. I just wish there was a bit more substance to it. It feels like, for whatever reason, production on Mozzoloh ended prematurely. The final location that you unlock only adds 1 new monster type, 1 new item type, and capturing that monster provides no benefit. As mentioned, there is one woman who you cannot have sex with, and it feels like that was just because she got cut out.

If Mozzoloh had just a little bit more polish to it, a bit more time and love given to it, I think it could have really made an impact on the adult gaming community. But unfortunately, as it stands, it is simply a niche game in an already niche market. I will be playing more of it, but only until the next project, Titsnicle (what the fuck is with these names?) is completed. Hopefully they take the great parts from Mozzoloh, enhance them, and expand that game into something even better.

Mozzoloh Review


Writing: 2.5 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 3 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 3.2 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.


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