Envixer May 12, 2020 Light Of My Life – A Different Kind of Beautiful

Light Of My Life – A Different Kind of Beautiful

Breaking from popular standards of beauty, Light Of My Life dares to be visually different, but what does this uniquely styled adult game have to offer other than a non-standard view of beauty?


The art style in Light Of My Life is different. There are characters that don’t conform to the regular definitions of beauty, there’s motion in almost every scene, and the lighting is warm and cozy.

It would be accurate to say that this game looks vastly different from the majority of games I’ve played, and at first glance, I nearly gave it a miss because the characters, while distinctive in their appearance, were not to my tastes.

I decided to try the game out purely because it looked different, and what I found was something beautiful.

Outside of the character design, which I’ll talk about afterwards, the game itself is, minus some subtle clipping issues, was well posed and rendered. The lighting is warm and comforting, for the most part, and the low light scenes are clean. Most of the screens are animated in some way, which makes the game more engaging.

The game is about a widowed father and his two daughters, and it is written very well. There’s levity, sadness, grief, anger, and some incredibly touching and sweet moments to experience. This is a story that illustrates how great adult games can be, and how much good writing adds to the enjoyment of a lewd tale. There are moments when the emotions conveyed by the story’s characters are palpable. Reading every line, watching the characters as they grow more and more beautiful because of who they are… It’s an experience that anyone who appreciates an engaging story must not miss.

The production quality of the game is solid, although at some points the delay caused by a small animation having to finish before text appears made me think it was a scene with no text, and that led to a few rollbacks as I saw text flash up for a half a second after I hit the button to continue. It’s a small gripe, but one I hit several times in my playthrough.

There are times when a walkthrough would be useful, but I played without one and I don’t think I’ve missed too much. I do still prefer playing with some visual guide as to which choice is good or bad for the route I’m pursuing.

Now to talk about the character design. After being so used to the near realism of many other games, the caricature-esque art of this game was at once refreshing and jarring. The scenes and backgrounds are familiar stock assets, for the most part, and even the Main Character has a standard, bland appearance (for the parts we see of him). The women in the game all have exaggerated features, and not necessarily in a hyper-idealised way. Some may call the characters here ugly but, as mentioned above, once I got used to the art style, I found the characters to be quite beautiful. I would say that the writing helped that as well, lending individual personalities that are well formed to each of the women.

If this game had been made with regular looking characters, the story would still be good but I think the game would lose some of its charm. Light Of My Life stands out because of the design decisions, and the characters are memorable because they’re so expressive and unique.


As far as actual adult content in the game goes, however, this game fails to titillate. There’s plenty of nudity and some nice sex scenes, but these scenes lack eroticism. Some of them are too cute to be erotic and others are full of too many single menu options to allow proper focus.

The single menu clicks are especially jarring because they break immersion in the scene. If they were removed, then the game would certainly play better.

The appreciation of any adult game is going to be down to individual taste. If you’re not attracted to the characters or the kinks, then this game won’t be for you. For Light of My Life, however, I’d recommend looking beyond the character design and trying it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Light of My Life Review


Writing: 4.8 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 4.6 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 4 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.



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Myth Mackay
Myth Mackay(@myth-mackay)
6 months ago

This is by far, my most favorite VN.Great review!

6 months ago
Reply to  Myth Mackay

Glad you like it.

1 year ago

Beautifullly written and very detailed review. When I first met this game I was also with
prejudice cause the character design but now I want to try it and I beleive it will be good.