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Leap Of Faith – I Came for the Hot, and Stayed for the Plot

There aren’t many games in this space that can make you cry, but I honestly think this is one of those few that can. There are a lot of ways with which a game can pull at your feelings to such an extreme, but AVNs have it much harder if they want to accomplish this. So when a game succeeds in doing so, it’s cause for praise.

When a game moves you to such an extent, it means that both characters and story resonated so much that you’re invested in the outcome of the story. And this means so much more when it happens in a space where crying sometimes means someone is getting off, and pain isn’t always a bad thing.

Now, one of the reasons why this game can hit so hard, is because of the very real issues it touches. If you know anything about the game, you probably know that it has references to very dark topics. I mean, just take a look at this excerpt from the game’s description on the steam store:

Even if the general mood of the game is happy, it handles the darker subject of depression and an attempted suicide. If you are looking for a fun/wholesome game only, you might want to reconsider playing.

From the game’s “Mature Content Description”

Of course, this is an adult game with sexual content. But I was halfway through this game when I realize that when a sex scene was happening, I wasn’t thinking about the sex in front of me, or how hot it was. I was, in fact, thinking about how the scene would affect the story, the characters, and why were the characters engaging in sex. Was it an expression of love? Were they fucking to forget? Maybe it didn’t actually mean anything, or maybe it was a goodbye; whatever the case, somewhere along the story, the sex scenes became just as much part of the story as the many scenes of people crying.

It isn’t just sex scenes with meaning that makes this game stand out, there’s also a big cast of characters, most of which actually are possible romantic interests, which doesn’t sound unique; but it’s when you consider that this isn’t a harem game that it stands out, it’s unusual that a game with this many characters makes you choose between them, which in turn gives this one a higher replayability.

Graphics & Writing

This isn’t the most beautiful game ever made, but it doesn’t actually need to be when most of the heavy lifting is made by the writing, what makes the characters unique is their personality rather than their looks. It may be because some events in the game were based on true events from the author’s life, but these characters feel more like real people than most other games can achieve. That’s not to say this is an ugly game, all renders are full HD (which you can’t say about every game in the space), the lighting is always spot on, and there is no obvious clipping anywhere. My point is, that when you have this compelling of a story, any mayor graphical issues could’ve been easily ignored.


The game boasts a very big library of +100 licensed songs. These songs aren’t there just to pad the feature list either, they are carefully placed throughout the story in moments that make sense, and even in some scenes as diegetic music (that’s when the characters hear the music too).

“…fully licensed soundtrack with 170 songs.”

From the “Features” section on the developer’s Patreon Page

This is one of those games where if you’re invested enough to finish it, you will replay it a couple of times to get the different endings, some endings are more hidden than others too. And there isn’t a better time to get into the game than now, with the release of the last chapter, the game is now fully released on steam, so go check it out!

This game is also available on Steam. Follow our Curator page for more recommendations on that platform.

Leap of Faith Review


Writing: 4.6 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 3.5 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 4 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.



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6 months ago

Might be the best AVN I have played. Slow burn mostly. Not a real harem game. But meaningful. Touching. Sexy too.

1 year ago

You go in with the usual intention of corruption and harem, and come out with raw emotion and actual feeling that only can be experienced and not described.

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