kinderalpha June 21, 2020 How “Future Fragments” Is Taking The Adult Gaming Industry By Storm

How “Future Fragments” Is Taking The Adult Gaming Industry By Storm

Future Fragments is a hybrid platforming/run ‘n’ gun/RPG game, with a science fiction/mystery theme. Future Fragments offers a rich platforming experience coupled with adult content, exceptional storytelling, and a plethora of puzzles and unlockables for the player to navigate. Uncover secrets about the future, avoid capture, and save the world as Talia; a 21-year-old “by the book” specialist. The game’s projected release is around September or October this year. However, the developers have released a public demo to tease at just what’s in store.

In the dark corners of the internet, thunder roars across the series of tubes. A storm continues to brew at the desks of three developers, its force growing with every keystroke. Many eagerly waiting supporters are on stand-by, patiently awaiting the brewing storm to reach completion and inundate the world. With every clap of thunder and gust of wind, these supporters, readily equipped with tissues, lotion, and too much free time, sport stalwart, ever increasing in size erections at the ready. What do they call the storm, you ask? Future Fragmentsthe upcoming adult platformer that’s making a name for itself in the Adult Gaming industry.

A deserving name at least, Future Fragments embodies everything you have come to expect in a Metroidvania platformer while unequivocally remaining as an explicit adult game. The team behind this project consists of three core members; HentaiWriter, TriangulatePixels, and Frougedev, while in collaboration with some other talents for voice, sound effects, and music. All are working diligently on Future Fragments to craft a memorable experience and an exceptionally produced game. Of which you can have a taste by downloading the public demo now.


My first concern when starting the game was if explicit content was going to be on the backburner. With such a focus on nailing the feeling of a platformer, it can be a challenging obstacle for developers to make room for adult content. The developers delivered on this seamlessly by providing a vibrant adult experience through multiple features that all harmonize with each other, like a perfect storm. Between the bad ends, unlockables, and defeat states, there is no shortage of explicit adult content here. This design exemplifies the experience and knowledge of the developers behind this title.

Future Fragments is taking the industry by storm with its compelling writing, charming characters, and exceptional production quality. The developers have outdone themselves with the quality of the voice acting, art, and game design. Adult Games that feel as fluid and responsive as the gameplay in Future Fragments are few and far between. From the character movement to the control scheme and visual feedback, the production quality shows within the first five minutes of playtime. It took me just a few minutes to familiarize myself with the controls and begin kicking WORM ass like I’m the baddest bitch on the block (which I am, of course).

Controls in a platformer is like what mass is to gravity. You can do everything right, but if energy isn’t put into controls, then your game will float away like George Clooney’s character in Gravity. This game won’t be floating away anytime soon, though. Whether you’re jumping over a milking machine or avoiding projectiles being hurled at you throughout the game, every move and action feels responsive. This is vital to the overall experience because there is nothing more frustrating than a fast-paced game punishing you with clunky and slow controls.

There is more to the game than just running and jumping; Future Fragments provides an assortment of magical abilities to combat enemies while also providing utility in particular circumstances. These abilities directly correlate with puzzle-solving, exploration, and overcoming challenging foes. Not only are these abilities practical but they offer the possibility of really skillful plays that feel incredibly rewarding when executed properly. The demo only sprinkles in comparison to the flood of potential the final version will have to offer.


It was effortless for me to get lost in both the intensity of combat and the fun of exploration. At some points, I found myself forgetting that it was an adult game I was playing and not an indie platformer. Just like how a storm can have serious consequences, an adult game that does an excellent job of providing a rich gameplay experience can sometimes feel like it’s not an adult game at all. In the levels found in the demo, you will come across terminals that remind you of the games context and the world you’re in, pulling you back into that feeling of an adult game quite frequently.

Future Fragments is taking the industry by storm with its compelling writing, charming characters, and exceptional production quality.

Assuming you don’t die, that is. My first playthrough was on easy mode, and my biggest complaint was how little adult content was revealed to me. I did a second playthrough on the harder difficulty, and it’s almost like a completely different experience. The pacing of the game was much slower, which allowed me to focus on details and uncover scenes I had glossed over in my initial playthrough. Some of the content is behind defeat events, while other content can only be seen through a game over. So by facing more challenging foes, I got to see more the game has to offer by being defeated more often. At face value, this seems like a haphazard approach to delivering adult content but it makes for a much smoother and forgiving pace. The developers designed a system that encourages a risky and exploratory style of play by not harshly punishing the player with failing – providing both experienced and novice platforming players with control over the content they see.

Combat isn’t the only ingredient that makes Future Fragments such a powerful storm to the industry. In the story, you play as Talia, a specialist that was personally trained by her King to protect the kingdom from those who would try and harm it. Talia is given the task, alongside Faye, her more arrogant counterpart, to travel into a time portal and find the fragments to a powerful weapon that sits disassembled in the far future. Unfortunately for you and your King, Faye has a much different motive for finding the fragments than either you or the King. The setting of the story feels very sci-fi and dystopian. Locating and reading the terminals which serve as a medium for storytelling feels reminiscent of playing Fallout and reading all the computer screens.

Fantasizing about all the possibilities and scenarios surrounding the charming characters, dystopian sex devices, and all the inventive fun in-between

With using an original dystopian/sci-fi future, comes the responsibility to convey what life is like in this unfamiliar time frame. Some parts I found difficult to wrap my head around, other parts were hidden keys that unlocked this hole in a wall filled with rich and humorous writing that I felt such a personal connection to. It was kinda hit or miss on the delivery at times, but overall it’s still exceptional. This may be the result of trying to wrap so much introduction and story into a small demo, it’s hard to say. It felt like a lot of dialogue was put in place for me to catch up with the world and the background behind it.

For now, the storm continues to brew in the distance. Thousands of supporters rally together on Patreon waiting for it to flourish into its final stages. Until then, they quench their thirst from the droplets of content the developers share. Fantasizing about all the possibilities and scenarios surrounding the charming characters, dystopian sex devices, and all the inventive fun in-between. After playing the game for several hours, I have a tremendous amount of confidence that the developers will take the game in the appropriate direction, and will provide a quality product at the end of this journey.


This game is also available on Steam. Follow our Curator page for more recommendations on that platform.

Future Fragments Review


Writing: 4.3 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 4.0 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 4.3 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.


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