Charon December 11, 2020 Daughter For Dessert – Tasty Treat or Stale Pancake?

Daughter For Dessert – Tasty Treat or Stale Pancake?

Daughter For Dessert is a game of Developer Love-Joint, who started it in 2017. It was a long journey with it’s 19 chapters, but one can see a well planned and well executed project either way.

But has it become a tasty treat or is it a stale pancake after all the planning, coding, and writing?

The main character of the game is a middle-aged man who owns and works at a 60s styled family diner together with his daughter. The story starts during a typical day in the diner and develops from there. The day-to-day life and the formulation of plans on how to save the diner are the focus of the early chapters, as the past of the father and daughter comes more and more to light. Continuing to the middle chapters with new acquaintances, where the past starts to creep up as romance comes into the mix. And finally, it comes to one of the possible endings. Will it be a happy ending, or will it be something you didn’t expect?

The story is solid to good. At times a bit slow, as it tells a well crafted tale of a single father that would do anything to make his daughter happy. During the course of the game, more and more of the past comes to light which will sow doubt in their relationship. Will it be over between Father and Daughter? Additionally, to its story, the game is partially voiced, which is a nice bonus, even if not all characters have a voice.

While playing through it, a few typos or other grammar mistakes were visible. The slow transition speed between scenes can cause a slight disconnect, which can hinder embracing the otherwise good story and atmosphere. Along with it, you can enjoy a gentle tune of music during the game. You will also come across a continuous running gag, that will stretch through the chapters, offering a nice change of pace from the daily struggle of the diner. But to solve that mystery you will need to play a different game. A solid 4 from me for writing. It would’ve been higher if the game was fully voiced.

The art has a good feel to it and from lighting to the surroundings, it all fits together well. The models are beautiful, but not too “super model,” yet the edges, and sometimes the placement, can make them look off. Seeing the upper torso fine, but the legs and hips seem twisted at times. At times the models seem to be in front of the background instead of being part of it. The general backgrounds of the game look stunning. Well crafted, and they offer beautiful sceneries outside the city limits. Daughter for Desert offers very little animation; the bit of animation that is available works with the given scenes. A 3.5 from me for character design, general art and music.

There are quite a few different characters that come into play, which are well thought through. From the air-headed daughter, to the goth-like co-worker/friend. A down to earth red head, a very weird regular in the diner and even a mean relative from the past; it even offers its personal Jar Jar Binks like character, Backpackers, who you’ll either like or hate, if you know what I mean. All this, mixed with the story is already a good combination. A mix which draws you further into the game, wanting to see how the story continues in the next chapters. Till it all comes to one of the possible endings.

From time to time small bugs can come up, nothing major except for a crash bug I encountered, if you want to go back in your conversation. But that is not a regular occurrence. The menu is solid, but some steps seem a bit too much. Daughter for Dessert offers a choice based game style with many endings so be on the look out. Which ending you’re hoping for will up to you and the choices you make. A 3.5 from me for production. Overall, well executed with minimal bugs, good engine choice and UI design. Not breaking it up in 19 chapters would’ve been better.

All in all, this is a very solid to good game which will draw you in from the first all the way to the last chapter. It has a deep story line while showcasing the day-to-day life of the characters. Daughter for Desert is a well crafted game that should have your attention. I am looking forward to the next game done by Love-Joint.

Daughter For Desert Review


Writing: 4 Writing ability, spelling, grammar, story structure, etc.

Visuals: 3.5 Render quality, character appearance, lighting, etc.

Production: 3.5 Game mechanics, engine utilities, UI, etc.


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