OfficiallyGames June 27, 2021 Which mystery Celebrity will join the House Party?


Which mystery Celebrity will join the House Party?

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House Party By Eek! Games, the popular 3D comedy adventure, dating sim is about to have a new guest to the party and it’s apparently going to be a big one. 

House Party is a 3D comedy adventure, dating sim game that took the world by storm selling over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and 300,000 total sales in its first year. The game is set at a house party (hence the name…duh) where you can interact with different guests and complete different objectives. Many of these objectives result in some very sexy rewards, including handjobs, blowjobs and straight up sex. Even though it contains themes considered controversial it gained popularity due to coverage by internet personalities such as PewDiePie and the Game Grumps

On Thursday 17th June 2021, Eek! Games, announced that a new character will be joining House Party and its supposedly someone big; AMA winning, Grammy nominated, One of the top 5 googled artists in 2020, type of big.  

When the lighting’s this good, we couldn’t let a photo opportunity go to waste!

Neither could this new character, who will be ringing the doorbell soon to take House Party on a wild ride.

Eek Games

Now, it is not the first time Eek! Games have introduced real life, famous guests into the game. Dan and Arin from The Game Grumps became guests of the game back in March 2020 and also Lety of ‘Lety Does Stuff’ was added in the game back in May 2019. The three of them were added due to them winning a competition to be added into the game as voted by fans. 

The announcement of this new character, who supposedly will ‘take House Party on a wild ride’, has fans guessing many different possibilities including pornstars due to the game’s sexual theme. Ever since the announcement, new information has been revealed; the new character is an AMA winning, Grammy nominated and one of the top 5 googled artists of 2020. This hopefully helps narrow down who it could possibly be. The ‘top 5 googled artists of 2020’ is probably the biggest clue and helps to figure out who it could be. The top 5 (of the US) being Shakira, August Alsina, Adele, Doja Cat and Grimes. The most likely candidates are Doja Cat and Grimes. Doja Cat because she is a gamer/streamer not just a singer so she may be a fan of House Party and now is possibly the next guest. Grimes because she has previously worked in the gaming industry, she played as the voice actress for popstar Lizzy Wizzy in the game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ so her previous involvement in the gaming industry may have been a way of Eek! Games getting a celebrity guest.

We still have time to make and share our predictions about who it could be. Could it be Doja Cat or Grimes? Perhaps someone else completely? Let us know what you think and who you predict in the comments or on our Discord.


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