Perverteer August 28, 2022 Want Milfs in Your Mafia? Tough Luck!


Want Milfs in Your Mafia? Tough Luck!

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

Back in February, we reported on the situation surrounding ICSTOR’s Milfy City. The game hasn’t seen a substantial update in a long time, and ICSTOR hasn’t communicated on its progress since June 2021. The last thing we heard about Milfy City was a Discord message from one of the server’s administrators, quoted in the aforementioned article. According to Ashbash, the admin, work on Milfy City has been delayed indefinitely, with ICSTOR working instead on a new title, called Milfy Mafia.

According to Ashbash, Milfy Mafia would feature three large chapters and was scheduled for release around June 2022. The game’s development was to be documented by ICSTOR on SubscribeStar, one of the platforms rivalling Patreon.

As of late, no updates have been published on SubscribeStar, nor on Patreon, where ICSTOR still has over 3400 paying patrons. ICSTOR’s page on SubscribeStar, featuring the logo of the new game, only has 49 followers, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to subscribe to the page, possibly due to inactivity by the creator. The various other outlets where ICSTOR’s work is discussed (Discord, Reddit, F95Zone) also haven’t received any official word from the developer and are rife with speculation.

Save for a miraculous surprise release of Milfy Mafia; it might be apt to say that ICSTOR has retired for good.


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