V.A. Laurie December 10, 2020 Visa, Mastercard Bail on PornHub Amid Allegations

Visa, Mastercard Bail on PornHub Amid Allegations

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Visa and Mastercard have both announced today that they are dropping support for PornHub, and MindGeek, PornHub’s parent company.

These announcements come amid allegations of PornHub allowing Illegal Activity on their platform. According to Michael Fattorosi (@pornlaw), these include videos of abuse/rape and child pornography. Fattorosi warns that other sites are almost guaranteed to be affected by this shakeup, and many more will be under investigation soon, with potentially similar results as we are seeing with MindGeek.

This news comes a day after PornHub announces that they have removed the ability to download videos and are revamping their entire submission upload process.

Reactions to the news are understandably mixed with some claiming that PornHub and MindGeek deserve to be taken down, while others point out how these operations are employing and funding thousands of people legally.

We are going to be watching this situation as it develops and will update with more information if it becomes available.

V.A. Laurie

Erotic author and game developer with strong opinions on adult gaming and the adult industry as a whole.

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